Fire Dpt

Fire Danger Rating Areas

The Regional Parks are divided into five Fire Danger Rating Areas (FDRA): North Central, North East, South East, South West, and West. The weather, fire fuels, and other conditions that determine fire danger within each FDRA are generally the same. 

Parks Within Fire Danger Rating Areas

North Central

North East

South East

South West


Map of Fire Danger Rating Areas

  • W FDRA = WEST Fire Danger Rating Area
  • NE FDRA = NORTH EAST Fire Danger Rating Area
  • NC FDRA = NORTH CENTRAL Fire Danger Rating Area
  • SW FDRA = SOUTH WEST Fire Danger Rating Area
  • SE FDRA = SOUTH EAST Fire Danger Rating Area


RAW Stations

View East Bay Regional Park District - RAW Stations indicated on the map by yellow pins [Google Map].
Weather data gathered from these areas by Remote Automated Weather Stations (RAWS) are used to determine the likelihood of a damaging and dangerous fire.

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