Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline

Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline

CAUTION - Red Tide At Crown Beach, MLK Shoreline, Oyster Bay and Hayward Shoreline

  • CAUTION - Harmful Algae May Be Present
    • Impacted Locations: Crown Beach, MLK Shoreline, Keller Beach, Albany Beach, Oyster Bay, and Hayward Shoreline
  • Red Tides are a type of harmful algal bloom (HAB) that have been documented in the San Francisco Bay recently
  • These blooms may produce toxins that can sicken humans and pets
  • Keep pets away from the water
  • Rinse off after swimming
  • For more information, check out advisory signage or visit the Marine Biotoxin Monitoring Program page
Open between 5am and 10pm unless otherwise posted or permitted
Parking: No Fee | Dogs: No Fee
1600 Neptune Dr, San Leandro, CA 94577
Toll Free: 888-EBPARKS (888-327-2757), option 3, extension 4548

Park Activities

Dogs Allowed
Kid friendly

Area Closure Notice - On-Going Soil Delivery and Grading Work

  • This project is part of the Park District’s ongoing efforts to build up the topography of the park to meet the standards of the District’s Oyster Bay Land Use Plan Amendment adopted in 2013. The Opportunity Fill & Grading effort will prepare for installation of the first phase of the Disc Golf Course which will consist of nine holes. A nesting bird survey was completed and no nests were found. Please observe signs about areas that might be closed to the public during this process. More information. Download: Opportunity Fill for Development of Disc Golf Course Poster [PDF]
  • Updated 8/17/2022

An astonishing diversity of wildlife can be seen at this shoreline park under development just south of Oakland International Airport. Marsh hawks, black-shouldered kites, red-tailed hawks, and shorebirds abound. Views of the Bay are spectacular.

      To Reach The Park


      Seven group picnic areas (non-reservable) are nestled among the tree berms and newly planted turf along the multipurpose trails. These interior trails lead to a view site topped by Roger Berry's sculpture titled "Rising Wave." The perimeter trail affords sweeping Bay vistas. The two-mile Bay Trail around the perimeter is paved from the Neptune entrance to the “Bill Lockyer Bridge.” Toilet facilities are located by the picnic area and new lawn area.

      Some new amenities include an 18-hole disc golf course that was open in December 2021. And a quarter-acre garden with 300 plants that flower from fall through winter, providing overwintering Monarchs with nectar to help them survive the winter and migrate in the spriing.


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