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Fire Danger Levels and Restrictions

Fire danger sign with smokey the bear

The Regional Parks are divided into five Fire Danger Rating Areas (FDRA). The District monitors several Remote Automatic Weather Stations (RAWS) that provide fire weather information that is translated into notifications about potential fire danger and threats to public safety in the FDRA . 

Many parks have Fire Danger notification signs posted near their entrances (see photo on left). From May through October, it is common to see Fire Danger signs of "Extreme," "Very High," or "High" with restrictions for park visitors, contractors, and staff. When ratings are “Low" or “Moderate” there may be no restrictions. However, the following must be observed at all times:

  • No smoking. Smoking is prohibited in all regional trails, parks, and shoreline.
  • No building, lighting, or maintaining fires of any kind in areas where prohibited. Follow all posted fire notifications.

Follow all restrictions under each Fire Danger Level to protect parklands from human-caused wildfires.

Fire Danger Levels

Fire Weather Alerts

Red Flag Warning

Red flag warning

A Red Flag Warning is a short term, temporary warning indicating the presence of dangerous combinations of temperature, wind, relative humidity, fuel, or drought conditions which can contribute to new fires or rapid spread of existing fires.
A Red Flag Warning is declared when there is a likelihood of hot, dry winds, or a prediction of severe lightning storms.
A Red Flag Warning can be issued at any of the above Fire Danger Levels.

Fire Weather Watch

Fire weather watch

 A Fire Weather Watch will normally be issued 12 to 24 hours in advance of the expected onset of severe fire weather conditions. The Fire Danger rating is usually in the "High to Extreme" levels.

Park Closures

Park closures will only occur in the parks when both the fire department has limited resources to fight fire and the National Weather Service declares a Red Flag Warning.

Before visiting a park, remember to check the Alerts and Closures page for the most current updates. If the Fire Danger sign or other public notices declare the Fire Danger Level is "Extreme" or "Very high," please take extra precaution and follow ALL mandatory activity restrictions to protect yourselves, park neighbors, park staff, and the parklands.

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