Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area


OpenRoad with Doug McConnell - NBC Bay Area

OpenRoad Episode 75 – the LEGACY of EBRPD, March 5, 2023, on NBC Bay Area
Learn about the inspirational history and legacy of the Park District since its founding nearly 90 years ago. Meet the current General Manager, the first woman to lead the agency and hear her vision for the District’s future. Celebrate the growth of the SF Bay Trail and discover how innovative planners are making city streets safer for cyclists, pedestrians, students, and business people using the Bay Trail for green transportation – a truly fun, efficient and healthful way to recreate and commute.


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Enjoy video clips from the East Bay Regional Park District. From sunlit shores to shade-covered hillsides, the East Bay Regional Park District spans more than 126,809 acres in Alameda and Contra Costa counties in Northern California, offering experiences as diverse as the land itself.

Our mission is to provide recreational opportunities, ensure the natural beauty of the land, and to protect wildlife habitat. Whether you're a visitor or volunteer, you'll find a world of discovery and enjoyment right here in your own backyard. So come, explore your East Bay Parks and Embrace Life.

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