Vasco Caves Regional Preserve

Vasco Caves Regional Preserve


No public access. Advanced reservation tours only.


Tours: Call 1-888-EBPARKS or 1-888-327-2757, press option 2, then 3 for information | Dogs: Dogs are not allowed


Tour groups stage at 19450 Marsh Creek Road, Brentwood, CA (Round Valley Regional Preserve) or Brushy Peak Regional Preserve in Livermore, then take shuttle bus into Vasco Caves Regional Preserve.


Guided Tour Phone Number  1-888-327-2757, press option 2, then 3

Vasco Caves Regional Preserve exists because of the combined efforts of the East Bay Regional Park District and the Contra Costa Water District. The property was jointly acquired by both agencies and is operated by the Park District in agreement with CCWD. All access is by advance reservation guided tours only. The Preserve is not open to general public access in order to protect the Reserve's unique resources. These guided tours, which are offered on select dates in fall, winter, and spring, stage from Round Valley Regional Preserve in Brentwood or Brushy Peak Regional Preserve in Livermore aboard District-provided bus transportation. There is a fee. For tour information and reservations, please call 1-888-EBPARKS or 1-888-327-2757, press option 2 or go to the Registration Page and search for keyword "Vasco". 

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    Vasco Caves Regional Preserve is home to a stunning and unique combination of resources. Spectacular rock outcrops break suddenly from the rolling eastern foothills of Mount Diablo, providing magnificent scenery for hikers and geologists alike. Though ancient, the Preserve's resources are extraordinarily fragile, and exist today because of the land's isolation and past efforts to keep it secret.

    The Preserve is home to endangered red-legged frogs, tiger salamanders, and fairy shrimp, and is habitat for kit foxes, eagles, and a variety of nesting raptors. Its robust grasslands are a successful demonstration of native bunchgrass restoration using sheep grazing. The archaeological sites of Vasco Caves Regional Preserve contain Indian rock art, part of a complex that reaches back nearly 10,000 years. 

    Because of the sensitivity of Vasco Caves' resources--rare, state- and federally-listed plant and wildlife species, fragile rock outcrops, and Native American archaeological sites, EBRPD has opened the preserve to the public on a restricted basis through Naturalist-led interpretive tour groups. For tour information and reservations, call 1-888-EBPARKS or 1-888-327-2757, press option 2 or go to the Registration Page and search for keyword "Vasco". 

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