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Alerts and Closures


Know before you go! Review alerts/notices below before heading out to parks. Some trails, park areas, swim facilities, may be temporarily closed -- due to weather or water/algae conditions, park projects, habitat restoration, or repairs and maintenance.

Alert LevelLocationDescription
Other Posted

Trail Event, Sunday, October 9

There is a trail event on the Iron Horse Regional Trail on Sunday, October 9, 2022. Heavy congestion is expected between Paraiso Drive and Executive Parkway between 8 am and 10 am.

Trail Closure Posted

Trail Closure Notice - Miller Knox

  • West Ridge Trail from Fire Gate 61-6 off Dornan Drive up to the False Gun, the unnamed trail down to Brickyard Landing from West Ridge, and southern portion of Old Country Road Trail may be closed or experience long delays for a fuels management.
  • Continuing through October 14 these trails may be closed Monday - Friday between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. More information
  • Updated 9/28/2022

Trail Closure Posted

Wildcat Marsh/Landfill Loop Trail Maintenance

Possible closures along Wildcat Marsh/Landfill Loop through September and October 2022 due to annual trail maintenance. 

Area Closure Posted

Shoreline Improvement at Point Isabel

Shoreline Improvement work will begin Tuesday, September 6 to Monday, October 31, 2022. Rock will be installed along the Shoreline past the launch ramp. Due to the tides, the contractor may be working at night during this time. Work area will be fenced and park access will remain open.

Area Closure Posted

Camp Oaks Parking Lot Closed on Thursday, October 6

The Camp Oaks parking lot across from the Regional Parks Botanic Garden at the intersection of Wildcat Canyon Road and South Park Drive will be closed on Thursday, October 6, for installation of bike parking. Alternative parking can be found on Anza View Road.

Area Closure Posted

Redwood Archery Range Closure

Redwood Archery Range CLOSED from Tuesday, September 6, 2022, through Friday, October 28, 2022.

Portions of Redwood Archery Range will be closed to public for a wildfire hazard reduction and tree removal project.
On a day-to-day basis, the Upper and Lower Bowl Course, the Hill Course, and the Static/Practice Course may be closed. Efforts will be made to have at least one Course available for public use. A notice board at the Archery Range entrance will display daily closure status.
Work will be performed weekdays. Trails and Courses will be accessible on weekends.

Caution Advisory Posted

Del Valle WEST Swim Beach Water Quality Conditions

Other Posted

Ferry Point Pier Removal Project - Miller Knox

The East Bay Regional Park District owns and operates Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline, including the historic Ferry Point Pier which extends into the San Francisco Bay. The wooden pier is over 100 years old and damaged and must be removed for safety.
Ferry Point Pier Project Description and FAQs (PDF) Ferry Point Pier Project Description and FAQs (Spanish) (PDF)

Other Posted

Construction Notice - Coyote Hills Restoration and Public Access Project

  • Construction will take place from July 2022 through Spring 2023. More information
  • Trails will be re-routed periodically as-needed. Updated 10/3/2022.

Trail Closure Posted

Trail Closure Notice - Tuibun Trail

  • The Tuibun Trail, between Paseo Padre Parkway and the kiosk, is closed for construction through Fall 2023
  •  Updated 10/3/2022

Danger Advisory Posted

Contra Loma Reservoir Water Quality Conditions

  • There is a Danger advisory for blue-green algae in the reservoir at this time. See Blue-Green Algae Information for additional details.
  • Note: The Swim Lagoon is closed for the 2022 season due to ongoing maintenance. Blue-Green Algae issues do NOT affect the Contra Loma Swim Lagoon water quality.

Caution Advisory Posted

Lake Chabot Water Quality Conditions

  • A Caution Advisory for blue-green algae is posted. See Blue-Green Algae Information for additional details.
  • Swimming is never permitted at Lake Chabot.

Area Closure Posted

Area Closure Notice - Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline

  • Shoreline Center
  • Tidewater Outdoor Recreation Office
  • Kayak Ramp at the North Doolittle Staging Area
  • Right Dock (south side). Pilings are in need of replacement
  • Updated 10/3/2022

No Advisory Posted

Keller Beach at Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline Water Quality Conditons

Area Closure Posted

Area Closure Notice - Lake Anza Lawn

  • Lake Anza Lawn Area is closed for a construction project. Please use alternative lawn areas at Meadows on Lone Oak Rd. Restrooms at lake facility closed with portable restrooms available in the parking lot during the project. The Lake Anza Trail and picnic sites are open for use. 
  • Updated 10/3/2022

Area Closure Posted

Area Closure Notice - On-Going Soil Delivery and Grading Work

  • This project is part of the Park District’s ongoing efforts to build up the topography of the park to meet the standards of the District’s Oyster Bay Land Use Plan Amendment adopted in 2013. More information.
  • Updated 10/3/2022

Danger Advisory Posted

Lago Los Osos at Quarry Lakes Park Water Quality Conditions

  • A Danger/Closure Advisory is posted at Lago Los Osos. See Blue-Green Algae Information for additional details.
  • Swimming is never allowed and water contact is not permitted at Lago Los Osos.

Area Closure Posted

Area Closure Notice - Soil Testing

  • Recent soil testing of the entire landfill detected lead in specific, localized areas around the perimeter of the north side of the park (the portion of the park located across the Hoffman Channel bridge). For your continued safety, the areas are fenced off from all public/pet access. The Park District, under oversight of the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Board, is developing a plan to restore these areas.
  • Updated 10/3/2022

Area Closure Posted

Area Closure Notice - Shadow Cliffs

  • Swim beach is closed due to low water levels. Swimming not permitted. Refreshment stand closed for 2022 season.
  • Fish plants on hold for 2022 season.
  • No watercraft of any kind will be permitted to launch until further notice.
  • Please help keep invasive mussels out of our water.
  • Read more about mandatory watercraft inspections and the Invasive Mussel.
  • Updated 10/3/2022

Other Posted

Construction Notice - Arroyo Staging Area

  • The Parking lot is open during the construction of the new restroom building. Portable toilets are available during construction. 
  • Updated 10/03/2022

Park Rule Violations

To report an Emergency or Crime/Suspicious Activity in Progress,
call 911 or (510) 881-1121 from a cell, 24 hours a day.

To report Non-Emergency Park Rule Violations such as reckless bike/skate/scooter riding, failure to properly leash or control pets, and improper trail usage such as eBikes or mountain bikes on restricted trails, please call our Non-Emergency Public Safety Dispatch at (510) 881-1833, 24 hours a day, or submit a Park Watch Report online at the link below.

For Non-Emergency Trail Safety Hazards or Damaged Trails/Facilities, locate a park ranger or call Park Operations at (510) 544-2510 (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5pm, voicemail available after hours or call the Non-Emergency Dispatch line above).

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