Western Bluebird at Briones


Each spring and fall, millions of birds travel along a migration route called the Pacific Flyway.

Some of these long-distance travelers fly from as far north as Alaska and Canada, through the United States and Mexico, and eventually blend with their flyway travelers from the mid-west and east in Central and South America. These migratory birds are seeking seasonal food sources, breeding grounds, warmer climates, or longer daylight hours.

The wetlands of the San Francisco Bay provide food to refuel and continue migration. The high nutrient levels of wetland plants make this one of the major foraging, resting, and over-wintering spots along the Pacific Flyway and one of the richest and most diverse places to bird along the California Coast.

Grab a notebook, binoculars, a field guide or one of the brochures below and head out to discover the diverse populations of birds in our East Bay Parks.
(Binoculars are available to borrow on most of our Birding Programs.)


Woman with binoculars

Bird Watching Activities

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