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Employment Opportunities

The East Bay Regional Park District Fire Department has many great opportunities for employment. The department comprises 46 firefighters and 160-180 seasonal lifeguards.

Many of the firefighters are On-Call Firefighters (OCFs). They are staff who work a regular job, such as a park ranger, park specialist, or another position within the park district, in addition to serving as a firefighter. If you are a current employee of the district and would like to become an On-Call Firefighter, keep an eye out for district emails or visit Human Resources/Jobs and fill out a job interest card to stay tuned. There is even the possibility of moving up into an On-Call Fire Lieutenant position after gaining experience as an On-Call Firefighter.

The fire department, also, hires many permanent positions within the three branches of Operations, Fuels Management, and Lifeguard Service.

  • The admin team is made up of a Fire Chief, an Assistant Fire Chief, an Assistant Chief of Lifeguard Services (Aquatic Manager), a Secretary and an Administrative Analyst.
  • Under operations there are 3 Fire captains. 2 Fire Lieutenants, and 8 permanent firefighters.
  • Under Fuels management there is an Assistant Fire Chief, 2 Fuels Captains, 2 Fuels Reduction Coordinator, a Fuels Crew leader, and 10 fuels crew members.
  • Under Lifeguard Services there are 2 Aquatic Supervisors, 4 Aquatics Assistants, an Admin person, and 160-180 seasonal lifeguards. Seasonal lifeguards work from April through September and are hired starting in January of each year.

If you are interested in any permanent positions, visit Human Resources/Jobs and check for job availability or fill out a job interest card to stay notified about openings.

Swim Lesson Program

The East Bay Regional Park District Swim Program offers inclusive swim lesson programming with an American Red Cross course format. Classes are offered for participants from as young as six months old up to Teen and Adult classes.

The classes offer a ratio of 4-6 students per instructor. All instruction is conducted with an emphasis on personal safety and fun while providing a comfortable, encouraging, enjoyable learning environment!

Visit the Lifeguard Swim Lessons information page. 
Swim Lesson Registration page will provide information on swim lesson times, levels and registration. 

Swim Lesson Locations

Junior Lifeguard Program

Junior lifeguard

The East Bay Regional Park District’s Junior Lifeguard Program is designed to provide the youth of our community with quality water safety education. 8 weeks of one week long Junior life guard training sessions are offered between June and August. 

This dynamic summer program provides participants between ages 8-12 an introduction to water safety, rescue, first aid, and CPR in a safe, fun, and well-balanced curriculum. 

Participants aged 13-15 can participate in our Junior lifeguard aide program acting as role models to the younger junior lifeguards.

No on-site registration available. Please register online or by phone.

Visit the Junior Lifeguard website. 
Register to become a 
Junior Lifeguard.

Junior Cadet Program

This is the perfect program if you want to train like a lifeguard. Maybe you’re too old for Junior Lifeguards or maybe you were in the Aide program and are now looking for a challenge…. Then the Junior Cadet program is for you! This is for ages 14-17. The Cadet program will challenge you physically and mentally. You will be training like a lifeguard. Under the supervision of a veteran lifeguard, Junior Cadets will be challenged to complete long distance swims and paddles, in-depth skill practice, training with the lifeguard staff, lots of physical training, and gain insider knowledge of how to become an EBRPD lifeguard. If you hope to become a lifeguard one day, this is THE program you want to be in!

Visit the Junior Cadet section of the Junior Lifeguard website.

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