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Fire Department Job Opportunities

Join the Park District's Fire Department! We maintain a full-service fire department with professionally trained full-time firefighters, on-call wildland firefighters, and a full-time Fuels Reduction Crew. We are currently recruiting for Fuels Crew Member and Firefighter II positions.


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Employment Opportunities

The East Bay Regional Park District Fire Department has many great opportunities for employment.
The Department comprises 46 firefighters and 160-180 seasonal lifeguards.

The Fire Department hires many permanent positions within the three branches of Operations, Fuels Management, and Lifeguard Services.

  • The Administrative Team includes the Fire Chief, an Assistant Fire Chief (who is also part of Fuels Management), an Assistant Chief of Lifeguard Services (Aquatic Manager), a Secretary, and an Administrative Analyst.
  • Under Operations, there are five Fire Captains, two Fire Lieutenants, and eight permanent Firefighters.
  • Under Fuels Management, there is an Assistant Fire Chief, two Fuels Captains, two Fuels Reduction Coordinators, a Fuels Crew Leader, and ten Fuels Crew Members.
  • Under Lifeguard Services, there are two Aquatic Supervisors, four Aquatics Assistants, an Administrative Specialist, and 160-180 Seasonal Lifeguards. Seasonal Lifeguards work from April through September and are hired starting in January of each year.

If you are interested in any permanent positions, visit Human Resources/Jobs and check for job availability or fill out a job interest card to stay notified about openings. You can fill out a job interest card for any position in the Fire Department by clicking "Subscribe" under any of the job descriptions at East Bay Regional Park District (

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Many of our Firefighters are On-Call Firefighters (OCFs). They are staff who work a regular job, such as a park ranger, park specialist, or another position within the park district, in addition to serving as a firefighter. If you are a current employee of the district and would like to become an On-Call Firefighter, keep an eye out for district emails or visit Human Resources/Jobs.

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