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Volunteers working on a new trail

Briones Dig Days

Get Involved--Join us for a Volunteer Dig Day! Whether you like to hike, bike, or ride horses, the East Bay Regional Parks want to make your experience on the trail a good one. Help us maintain and enhance Briones Regional Park and create exciting new recreational opportunities!

Volunteer with the East Bay Parks

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About the Volunteer Program

The Park District traces its beginnings to the actions of citizens who envisioned the necessity to create a public park system in order to preserve the quality of life for present and future inhabitants of the region. The District values the precious time you have chosen to give in public service on behalf of our regional parks. Volunteers are a cherished and valuable resource that link the District to community and organizations throughout the region; providing an important level of support for District activities, employees, and programs. The District welcomes the expansive and various contributions of volunteers. 

Celebrating East Bay Regional Park Volunteers 

East Bay Regional Park District Volunteer Program Logo

Over the course of the last several months it has been challenging to find ways to let our volunteers know how much they mean to the District. In an effort to show our gratitude, please join us in watching this short film below dedicated to those very individuals who help make our parks better. Introduced by Director Rosario, this film will showcase some of the amazing projects and service accomplished by Volunteers. Enjoy!

Without the help of dedicated volunteers and members, the East Bay Regional Park District could not offer the public the variety of services and programs that it does. There are many opportunities for you, your family, or your school or civic group to get involved.

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