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Support Services Division

The Support Services Division coordinates and supervises the following units:

Communications Center

The Communications Center serves as a support entity for the entire East Bay Regional Park District. The center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Staffing consists of eleven dispatchers, four supervisors and and is overseen by the Communications and Record Manager, Patty Gershaneck. The Communications Center is located at the Park District's Police and Fire Headquarters in Castro Valley.

The Communications Center is the Public Safety Answering Point for the entire two-county District. This includes 911 emergency calls (police, fire and medical). It operates on a Computer Aided Dispatch system, which allows for rapid automated data exchange and record keeping.


Records Unit

The Records Unit provides public assistance at the front counter. It processes, distributes and maintains public record information to meet state and local mandates. All police reports are entered into various automated and manual systems to meet legal requirements. For information on obtaining copies of crime and accident reports, impounded vehicle release, dog walking permits, and parking citation review, visit the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Police Department page.

Property and Evidence Unit

The Property and Evidence Unit is responsible for the receipt, documentation, storage and tracking of all property coming into the possession of the Police Department. Hours of operation are generally 7:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Thursday. All property is released by appointment only. To make an appointment you may call (510) 690-6565, or send an e-mail to You will be required to present a valid photograph identification at the time of the appointment to retrieve property.


Evidence is released in the following ways:
1) By court order
2) A request to release property by the Detective responsible for the incident in which the evidence was seized
3) Upon adjudication of the court case. 
The Property and Evidence Specialist cannot release evidence without authorization.

Lost and Found Property

State Law requires that lost and found property valued at $100.00 or more, will be surrendered to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction. Found property is retained for 90 days and if not claimed within the specified time frame it will be disposed of appropriately. Found property may be claimed by the finder if the true owner does not claim the property within the 90 day period. If the found property is valued at $250.00 or greater, a one-time notice must be published in a local newspaper and run for a period of seven (7) days. If the true owner does not claim the property, the finder may claim the found property, but must pay for the cost of the publication in the newspaper. If the finder was issued a receipt at the time the found property was turned in to law enforcement, it must be presented at the time the found property is claimed. The Property and Evidence Specialist maintains a list of found items, listed by Park location, date/time found and item description. The items are purged from the list if claimed or upon disposition after 90 days.

View Lost and Found Property Items in possession of the Property and Evidence Unit.

Safekeeping Property

Safekeeping property will be held for a period of 60 days. If the owner of the safekeeping property was issued a receipt at the time the property was taken, it must be presented along with a valid, photograph identification at the time the safekeeping property is returned. the Property and Evidence Specialist for the department and can be reached at (510) 690-6565 or

Recruitment and Training Unit

The Recruitment and Training Unit consists of a sergeant and a civilian Confidential Secretary. This unit coordinates activities of the Personnel and Training function to ensure compliance with State, Federal, and Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) requirements; serves as the liaison between agency and Police Officers Standards Training (POST) for mandatory officer and recruit training; coordinates recruitment and hiring efforts in conjunction with Human Resources; monitors on-going training, travel, tuition payment and reimbursement requests; tracks and purchases equipment as necessary; monitors POST training budget and special projects as assigned. Contact this unit at

Public Safety Student Aide Program

Public Safety Recruitment Table

The Park District Public Safety Student Aide (PSSA) Program is designed to provide college students with the opportunity to work in the public safety field while attending school. The position provides on-the-job training for students desiring careers in law enforcement, fire protection, dispatching, evidence, and other careers in the field of public safety.

The PSSA Program is open to college students currently enrolled in a minimum of nine units and must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA. Must possess and retain a valid California driver license. Applicants must complete an EBRPD application and a supplemental statement, pass a pre-selection interview, and successfully pass a background investigation, including fingerprinting.

Parking Training

PSSAs obtain valuable work experience through training sessions, administrative assignments, ride-alongs with police officers and firefighters, assignments in traffic control, evidence delivery, and other related tasks. PSSAs are assigned to a specific unit in the department and rotate annually to increase knowledge and skills in all areas of public safety. PSSAs are required to wear prescribed uniforms, and they receive a uniform allowance. 

For more info about the program, fill out the online form or contact the PSSA Program Coordinator at (510) 690-6570 or

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