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Trail Safety Tips

Many people use our parklands and trails safely every day. Make your journey safer by following each of these tips:

  1. Own the trail. Project alertness, confidence, and determination. Your shoulders are back, you are aware of your surroundings, and you have somewhere to go.
  2. Go with a buddy. Enjoy your trails and parklands with a friend. Two or more trail users can assist each other in the event of accident or injury, and one can always seek help.
  3. The day is your friend. It's better to avoid dusk and darkness.
  4. Use all your senses. Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid wearing headphones so that you can stay aware of hikers, runners, bikers, dogs, horses, and District vehicles. If you sense that an area may be unsafe for you, leave immediately.
  5. Take what you need. Carry personal identification. If you use a medication frequently, such as for diabetes or angina, bring it with you as well as instructions for use .
  6. Leave all valuables at home. Auto burglaries are all too common. 
  7. Call for help. If you need assistance or encounter someone else needing assistance in the District, call 911 or 510-881-1121. District employees and volunteers at the park can also request assistance for you.
  8. Have someone waiting. Always let someone else know where you will be going and when you will return, and instruct them to call 911 if you do not return as planned.
  9. Be easy to find. Use marked, authorized trails only. To help identify where you are in the park, bring a printed map of the park or use one of the hiking apps - Avenza, AllTrails.

Additional Information

Visit the Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol website for more information about safe and courteous use of District trails.


Safety Videos - English

Safety Videos - Spanish / Vídeos de Seguridad

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