Collage of Police

Message from the Chief

Chief of Police Anthony Ciaburro

Welcome to the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department. We are proud to be part of this legendary organization and are committed to the safety of those in the parks. We act as stewards of these great lands and patrol via automobile, horseback, motorcycle, mountain bike, and boat. Our two helicopters provide support to those on the ground, access to remote areas, and fire suppression services. We investigate crimes committed in the District and have a 24-hour communications center, which guarantees clear, concise and coordinated operations.

We take a team approach to policing the District. Park Operations Staff are often the first to observe activity which merits our attention and will often inform patrons of real and/or potential violations. As a result, collaborating and supporting fellow employees is an integral part of our strategy to protect park users and the environment. The Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol comprise an additional layer of safety as they can communicate any incidents to our Communications Center. These volunteers number over 150 and patrol via hiking, biking, mounted or with a companion dog. We also have our own volunteer search and rescue unit. We have a contract to patrol the lands of the East Bay Municipal Utilities District property and also an agreement to police property of San Francisco Watershed in Southern Alameda County. Finally, we rely on those in neighboring law enforcement jurisdictions to aid us if an emergency arises which necessitates an elevated response.

As a fellow park user, I encourage you to explore these wonderful lands with comfort and confidence that a dedicated and determined group of individuals are here to serve you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can do to enhance your visitor experience or that of another.

Anthony Ciaburro, Chief of Police (Biography)

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