Police boat on water, Dispatch Center and 4x4 Police Vehicle

Message from the Chief

Chief R Filice

It is a profound honor to lead the dedicated individuals who make up one of the finest park districts in the nation. The vibrant and culturally diverse community we serve deserve nothing less than a park district that is professional, highly experienced, and skillful.

As your Chief of Police, I am committed to building and sustaining public trust while fostering strong partnerships within our community. It is my vision for our district to continue being a place that residents take pride in visiting.

Our Park District’s Public Safety will strive to be accessible, transparent, and an integral part of the community fabric. Your voices matter, and I am dedicated to ensuring that the concerns of our visitors are not only heard but valued.

In my role as your public servant, I pledge to listen attentively to your feedback, communicate transparently, and uphold the highest standards of honesty within both our community and the dedicated professionals I have the privilege to serve alongside.

Maintaining the utmost integrity is fundamental to cultivating positive internal relationships and building robust community connections. These principles contribute to the delivery of the high-quality park services our visitors rightfully deserve.

Our commitment to a community-oriented approach remains unwavering. We take great pride in the relationships and partnerships we have formed, and we are dedicated to continuously building and maintaining trust, transparency, and legitimacy.

In the face of the unique challenges confronting our park district today, I am pleased to express our resilience and steadfast dedication to the safety and well-being of our visitors.

Our police officers, firefighters, lifeguards, and professional staff undertake a challenging yet fulfilling role, and it is my responsibility to ensure they receive the essential training, resources, equipment, guidance, and support to excel and remain safe. Their health and well-being are my top priorities as we move forward.

For those contemplating a career in our park district, I invite you to explore our website further to gain insight into our exceptional organization.

On behalf of our command staff, dedicated employees, and volunteers, I extend heartfelt gratitude.

Your humble public servant,

Roberto Filice, Chief of Police (Biography)

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