Trail Accessibility Reports

Trail accessibility reports contain information related to:

  • Trail length
  • Trail type (network, linear)
  • Trail uses (hiking, bicycles, dogs, equestrian)
  • Short description
  • Cumulative elevation change
  • Typical grade, cross slope, tread width, and surface
  • Hazard and obstructions

This information will be useful to assess uses and difficulties prior to trail use.

Warning: Trail conditions may have changed since this trail was assessed. Temporary obstructions (e.g. fallen trees or landslides) may not have been mapped. Maximum grades and cross slopes may vary. Obstructions less than 2.0 inches (5.0 cm) wide by 96 in (2.4 m) high or outside the tread area were not measured. Minimum clearance boundaries were at least 2.0 in (5.0 cm) high. This report has been generated by TrailWare which has been created by BeneficialDesigns, Inc.

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