Fire Dpt

Emergency Response

The East Bay Regional Parks Fire Department provides a high level of service to our parks. We respond with our neighboring agencies in Alameda and Contra Costa counties and provide emergency response when called upon by CAL Fire and the Office of Emergency Services.

Firefighters suppressing a fire

Fire Suppression

Fire suppression at the East Bay Regional Parks is predominately on wildland fires but also includes vehicle and structure fires. In many events, one type of fire can lead to another, or they all happen simultaneously.  Due to the various types and nature of fires, the response to each fire is also different.

EPRPD fire engines and water tenders work with firefighting aircraft, hand crews, and other local resources to protect the Park District. Fires can occur in wildland-urban interface areas where residential development meets with open space, as well as in the more remote, natural wilderness areas of the Park District.

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services

The East Bay Regional Park District Fire Department provides Basic Life Support services to park visitors in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Firefighters are trained to use defibrillators, and resuscitation equipment, and provide basic trauma support. This training prepares firefighters to respond to any medical emergency they may encounter in performing their duties as an EBRPD Firefighter.



Search and rescue operation

Search and Rescue

The East Bay Regional Park District Fire Department firefighters are trained to deal with various types of Search and Rescue. The most common response is for lost or disorientated hikers and equestrians.

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