Park District Ward Redistricting

National Demographics Corporation (NDC) first presented to the Board of Directors at the September 7, 2021 Board Meeting about what to expect during the redistricting process. The November 16, 2021 Board Meeting and January 18, 2022 Board Workshop enabled the Board Members and the public to receive background information on the 2020 Census data and additional demographic information, culminating in Board Members providing NDC and staff input regarding Communities of Interest.

The first public hearing took place on March 1, 2022 at which the Board Members reviewed two draft maps for consideration – the NDC Minimal Change map and NDC Cities map.
The second public hearing took place on March 15, 2022 Board Meeting at which the Board of Directors considered revisions to the NDC Minimal Change map. Following deliberation, the Board approved a final map by resolution. That final map is shown here:

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