Command Staff

Assistant General Manager (AGM) of Public Safety Anthony Ciaburro joined the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department in 2015 as a Police Captain. He promoted to AGM in November of 2017. AGM Ciaburro oversees Police, Fire, and Lifeguard Services. He is also the District’s Chief of Police.

Chief Ciaburro started his law enforcement career at the San Jose Police Department in 1989 with a goal of serving a Spanish speaking community. Chief Ciaburro worked a variety of assignments and held numerous positions up to the rank of captain at SJPD. He worked narcotics, earned a position in the elite MERGE Unit, and was a sergeant in the Robbery and Internal Affairs Units before serving as SJPD’s Hate Crimes Coordinator. He oversaw the Regional Auto Theft Task Force, managed special events and secondary employment, and supervised investigations as a lieutenant.

Chief Ciaburro’s most lasting contribution at SJPD was perhaps his determined work as a captain during the unprecedented staffing crisis of the mid-2010s. He became well known for his ability to establish trust and credibility with the community despite SJPD’s diminishing resources. He was well known for his sit-down coffee meetings with residents, efforts to provide enhanced police contact with neighborhoods via foot patrols, and agility in utilizing the experience of his patrol officers to conduct investigations and solve serious crimes. He also remained committed to seemingly small but significant neighborhood quality of life issues.

At the time Captain Ciaburro joined the District, he reestablished a focus on park policing with an emphasis on safety for District personnel and park patrons. He ensured for employee recognition and underscored the need for strong relationships with fellow District Divisions. He established a unified vision for not only policing the District’s lands but emphasized stewardship as well.

Chief Ciaburro has continued the philosophy of “Good to Great” upon his promotion to AGM. Chief Ciaburro along with his command and professional staff have made improvements in all areas with a goal of ever-increasing professionalism and improved performance. He and his team have added selected technological enhancements, increased employee recognition, and remain vigilant for any possible improvements for the betterment of the Division and District. They have combined these overall innovations with a recruiting strategy that emphasizes the distinction and privilege of working for the Park District.

In his capacity as AGM of Public Safety, Chief (AGM) Ciaburro has extended his drive for continuous improvement to the Fire Department and Lifeguard Services. He has placed great value on supporting the leadership of the Fire Department to ensure strong professional growth and mission fulfillment. Through a series of personnel changes, the Fire Department is in an extraordinary period of operational resiliency. They continue to meet and overcome the many significant challenges of present-day fuels management and firefighting.

Chief Ciaburro, the Fire Chief and Lifeguard Services Manager have continued to support the high performing Lifeguard Services Division. Chief Ciaburro has increased permanent staffing over multiple budget cycles to ensure robust leadership levels and operational efficiencies. Chief Ciaburro has also directed and supported the need to safeguard strong ethical behavior. Therefore, ensuring for a well-balanced workforce which can expertly perform the required tasks while espousing and actualizing true public service.

AGM Ciaburro has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in criminal justice from San Jose State University. He has a minor in Spanish and speaks it fluently. He is a graduate of the 2011 FBI National Academy (NA 245).

Captain Lance A. Brede has served the East Bay Regional Park District since 1993 and was sworn in as an Officer in 1997. Lance was promoted to his current role in 2017 with management responsibility for the Operations Division, including Patrol Services, Air Support Unit, Investigations Unit, Special Enforcement Unit, and the Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol.

During his two decades of service at the District, Lance has held numerous positions throughout the organization including serving as Sergeant, Field Training Officer, Detective, Tactical Flight Officer, SWAT Team Leader, member of the Contra Costa County Mutual Aide Mobile Field Force and prior to his most recent promotion, Lieutenant.

It was during his tenure as Sergeant in the Professional Standard's Unit when Lance guided the Department through its initial CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) accreditation. Of the approximately 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States, only a little more than 1.000 departments hold CALEA accreditation. As the Administrative Lieutenant in 2013, Lance guided the Department to its first reaccreditation.

Lance is widely recognized as a leader in building strong partnerships with the community. His ability to implement problem-solving techniques to proactively address issues of public safety and his pledge to carry out effective stewardship of the unique resources of the District has led to many important advancements.

In recognition of his significant contributions throughout his career, Lance has been the recipient of many honors and awards. He has been awarded the Medal of Merit on two occasions, was honored as the Alameda County EMS Professional of the Year in 2016, and has received the Departments highest award, the Medal of Valor.

Lance received his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration and his master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Columbia South University. In addition, he is a graduate of the 2014 FBI National Academy (NA 256), and the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute (Class 249).

Lance resides in Castro Valley with his wife and two sons. He continues his tradition of service by coaching and mentoring several youth sports programs in his free time. Lance is also an active member in his local Rotary.

Captain Alan Love began his law enforcement career as a Police Explorer with the San Ramon Police Department in 1990. He is a veteran of the United States Army and a graduate of the 109th Alameda County Basic Police Academy in 2000. At the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department, Captain Love has worked as a Crime Scene Investigator, Recruit Training Officer, Field Training Officer, SWAT Operator and Team Leader, Defensive Tactics Instructor, and a member of the Alameda County Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Task Force. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2008 and graduated from the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Academy class 308.

Alan has an Associate’s Degree from Diablo Valley College, a Bachelor’s Degree from California State University, Long Beach, and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Columbia Southern University. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2014 and promoted to the rank of Captain in 2017 and oversees the Support Services Division of the Police Department which includes Budget, Administration, Communications, Fleet, Personnel and Training, Professional Standards, and Property and Evidence. Captain Love is a graduate of the FBI National Academy Session 278 and he resides in San Ramon with his family.

Lieutenant Gretchen Rose began her law enforcement career in the 164th Reserve Academy at Evergreen College in 1995.   She was hired with the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department in January 1996 as a police recruit. She graduated from the Los Medanos Police Academy and worked as a Detective in the investigations unit, an officer at the EBMUD substation, a Crime Scene Technician, a Background Investigator and a Defensive Tactics Instructor.  She was promoted to Sergeant in 2004 where she excelled as the Personnel & Training Sergeant.

Gretchen is a graduate of the POST Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute class 235. She also earned an Associate in Science Degree in Administration of Justice from West Valley College. She then earned her Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from San Jose State University. She was promoted to Lieutenant in April of 2012, where she worked as the Operations Watch Commander in charge of the K-9 Program and Special Enforcement Unit.  She oversees half of the Patrol Operation Division and the Investigations Unit.  She recently graduated from the FBI National Academy.  Lieutenant Rose resides in Castro Valley with her husband and two children. She serves as the Watch Commander Monday through Thursday.

Lieutenant David Phulps began his law enforcement career with the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department in 1999, when he was hired while attending the California Fish & Game Academy in Napa. He is a husband and father to two young boys. Prior to law enforcement, he spent four years in the Marine Corps, assigned to aviation units in Arizona and Japan. Soon after discharging, he graduated Cum Laude from Southern Illinois University with a BS in Management.

During his tenure with the Department, he’s been a Crime Scene Investigator, Field Training Officer, a member of the Alameda County Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Task Force, SWAT Team member and Team Leader and a Detective. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2007 and served as a patrol sergeant and supervised the Professional Standards Unit. Lt. Phulps was promoted to Lieutenant in 2017 and serves as the Watch Commander Tuesday through Friday.  He also oversees the other half of the Patrol Operations Division, the EBMUD/JPA (Joint Powers Agreement) Unit and the Special Enforcement Unit which includes marine, canine, equestrian, motorcycle, and bike patrols.

Terrence Joseph Cotcher (Joe)Prior to his law enforcement career, Terrence Joseph Cotcher (Joe) graduated from the University of California, Davis, with a Bachelor’s degree in History and a minor in Political Science. He then became a public school teacher.

Lieutenant Cotcher began his law enforcement career with the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department in 2006 as a police recruit. He became a police officer in May of 2007 where he worked in patrol and the Special Enforcement Unit focusing on problem oriented policing. He later became a firearms instructor utilizing his teaching skills.

In 2015, he was promoted to Sergeant and worked in the Personnel & Training Unit where he was in charge of all department training and hiring of employees. In July of 2018 Joe was promoted to Lieutenant assigned to the Support Services Division. He currently oversees Recruitment and Training, Budget, the Fleet, building and major long term projects. Joe resides in Brentwood with his family and is an avid user of the Park District.

Communications and Records Manager Patty Gershaneck began her career with the East Bay Regional Park District as a Public Safety Communications Dispatcher in 2003. During her tenure in the Communications Center Patty served as a Community Service Officer, Crime Scene Technician, Records Supervisor, Dispatch Supervisor and Communications Training Officer. After her extensive time in the Communications Center Patty was promoted to her current position where she manages the Communications Center, Records and Property/Evidence Units. She also works with Park Operations in regards to the District’s radio and cell phone infrastructure and security systems.