Point Pinole Regional Shoreline

Short Loop Trails

Short loop trail walks provide opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature on a relatively non-strenuous walk on trails and pathways in the Regional Parks. These walks are suitable for senior citizens, persons in wheelchairs, parents with small children or with children in strollers. Please read the full description of each hike before you plan your walk. While most trails are gentle, some may have rough or narrow sections or steeper climbs. There are bicycle and dog restrictions in some of the parklands. 

Short Loop Trails - Northern Region

Short Loop Trails - Southern Region

Bay Point Regional Shoreline Harrier Loop: 
  1.11 miles. Elevation gain: west 30 ft. Max. grade: west 2%.
Big Break Delta Discovery Site Walk: 
  0.60 miles. Elevation gain: 0 ft. Max. grade: 0%.
Big Break Marsh Walk: 
  0.70 miles. Elevation gain: 0 ft. Max. grade: 0%. 
Briones Abrigo Valley Trail: 
  2.66 miles. Elevation gain: 260 ft. Max. grade: 10%.
Briones Old Briones Road Trail/Valley Trail: 
  3.02 miles. Elevation gain: 255 ft. Max. grade: 8.3%. 
Carquinez Regional Shoreline Overlook Loop: 
  1.48 miles. Elevation gain: west 105 ft. Max. grade: west 9%.
Contra Loma Reservoir Loop: 
  2.09 miles. Elevation gain: 23 ft. Max. grade: 10%.
Diablo Foothills Castle Rock Trail Loop: 
  1.1 miles. Elevation gain: 120 ft. Max. grade: 13%.
Las Trampas Bollinger Creek Loop: 
  1.4 miles. Elevation gain: 300 ft. Max. grade: 16%.
Martinez Shoreline Killdeer/Duckpond Loop: 
  0.95 miles. Elevation gain: 0 ft. Max. grade: 0 %.
Martinez Shoreline Pickleweed Loop: 
  0.94 miles. Elevation gain: 0 ft. Max. grade: 0%. 
Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline Pond Loop: 
  1.05 miles. Elevation gain: 0 ft. Max. grade: 0%. 
Point Pinole Bay View/Powerhouse Loop: 
  1.9 miles. Elevation gain: 138 ft. Max. grade: 11.5%.
Point Pinole Cook’s Point Loop: 
  2.52 miles. Elevation gain: 111 ft. Max. grade: 5.7 %.
Point Pinole Owl Alley/Cook’s Point Loop: 
  2.27 miles. Elevation gain: 123 ft. Max. grade: 5.7%. 
Redwood East Ridge Trail: 
  1.39 miles. Elevation gain: 190 ft. Max. grade: 8%.
Redwood West Ridge Trail: 
  1.12 miles. Elevation gain: 70 ft. Max. grade: 4%.
Temescal Loop Trail: 
  0.93 miles. Elevation gain: 20 ft. Max. grade: 3%.
Tilden Nature Area Jewel Lake Loop: 
  1.30 miles. Elevation gain: 160 ft. Max. grade: 10.7%.

Anthony Chabot Woolridge Loop: 
  1.91 miles. Elevation gain: 280 ft. Max. grade: 14%.
Brushy Peak East Side Out-and-Back: 
  2.3 miles. Elevation gain: 320 ft. Max. grade: 10.7%.
Brushy Peak West Side Out-and-Back: 
  1.8 miles. Elevation gain: 140 ft. Max. grade: 8.6%.
Carol Severin Loop Trail (f.k.a. Garin Jordan Pond Loop): 
  .75 miles. Elevation gain: 50 ft. Max. grade: 8%.
Coyote Hills Tuibun Village Loop: 
  2.5 miles. Elevation gain: 50 ft. Max. grade: 3%.
Garin Dry Creek Trail Out-and-Back: 
  2.2 miles. Elevation gain: 245 ft. Max. grade: 10%.
Hayward Shoreline Cogswell Marsh Loop: 
  2.75 miles. Elevation gain: 0 ft. Max. grade: 0%.
MLK Shoreline New Marsh Loop: 
  2.02 miles. Elevation gain: 0 ft. Max. grade: 0%.
MLK Shoreline San Leandro Creek Trail Loop: 
  1.91 miles. Elevation gain: 0 ft. Max. grade: 0%.
Oyster Bay Salt Marsh Loops: 
  .75/.97 miles. Elevation gain: 80/100 ft. Max. grade: 5%/7%.
Quarry Lakes Rainbow Lake Loop: 
  1.3 miles. Elevation gain: 0 ft. Max. grade: 4%.
Quarry Lakes Horseshoe Lake Loop: 
  2.1 miles. Elevation gain: 100 ft. Max. grade: 4%.
Shadow Cliffs Marsh Loop: 
  .71 miles. Elevation gain: 53 ft. Max. grade: 5.5%.
Shadow Cliffs Levee/North Arroyo Trail Loop: 
  1.31 miles. Elevation gain: 90 ft. Max. grade: 7%.
Shadow Cliffs: South Arroyo Trail Loop: 
  1.2 miles. Elevation gain: 60 ft. Max. grade: 11%.
Sunol Indian Joe Nature Trail Loop: 
  .91 miles. Elevation gain: 100 ft. Max. grade: 13.5%.
Sunol Shady Glen Trail Loop: 
  .98 miles. Elevation gain: 185 ft. Max. grade: 22%.




Please enjoy our Regional Parks safely, and help us protect and preserve your parklands by complying with park rules and regulations.

Safety and Etiquette

  • Stay on trails. Taking shortcuts can be dangerous and causes erosion.
  • Wading and /or swimming in undesignated areas may be dangerous and may harm the watershed.
  • Carry and drink plenty of water. Dehydration is a leading cause of injuries on the trail. 
  • Be prepared for sudden changes in weather conditions. 
  • Trails can be slippery, rocky and steep. Proceed carefully at your own risk. 
  • Wildlife may be present on the trails at any time. Feeding or approaching wildlife is dangerous and illegal.
  • Bicycles are permitted on designated trails only. Horses have the right-of-way on trails. 
  • Keep the parks beautiful. Pack out what you pack in.

Pets must be leashed 200 feet from any trail or park entrance. Pets must be leashed in parking lots, picnic areas, developed areas such as lawns and play fields, and on some trails. They must be under voice control at all times. Visitors are responsible for knowing and complying with park rules, see Ordinance 38.

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