Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area

Special Event Permits

When do you need a Special Event Permit?

Special event permits are required for events such as walkathons, organized training's, athletic competitions, festivals, or other organized activities. In addition to the criteria above, a permit is also required for:

  • Events that are advertised and/or are open to the public
  • Events with a participation fee
  • Events that go beyond the scope of “normal” park use
  • Training runs or walks of 30 or more people
  • Non-EBRPD agencies or individuals sponsoring smaller and/or on-going classes or programs 
  • Events that require partial or exclusive use of an area of the park

If you are not sure if your event requires a special event permit or not, please email the Reservations Supervisor, with information about your requested activity and she will respond within 2 business days with additional information.

Applications are not available online. To request an application, please include your event date, location and a short description of your request.

Application timeline: New events must submit application AT LEAST 90 days prior to the event.  Repeat events must submit application AT LEAST 60 days prior to the event.  Late event requests will not be accepted.  New or unusual events may require up to 90 days plus Board approval.  You may make a reservation for a special event up to one year in advance. You are encouraged to start planning as early as possible to be sure that your date and location are available and that your application has enough time to be processed. Your application is complete only when the Reservations Department has received your completed application packet with all necessary signatures and proof of insurance, and all fees applicable have been paid.  Your event may be cancelled if your application is not complete 15 days prior to the event.