Collage of Police

Board Policies and Administrative Manuals

The Board of Directors has adopted policies covering subjects that are, in some instances, also shown in this Master Plan.  A policy that is adopted by resolution of the Board is normally more detailed and often contains procedures regarding its implementation.  Following adoption of this Master Plan, the Board will review each policy noted below (*) to bring it into consistency with the new Master Plan.

Under the General Manager’s direction, the staff has also developed several operational manuals, handbooks and directives to guide managers and supervisors in their daily activities.  The Board has accepted, adopted, or authorized implementation of the following manuals and has delegated authority to the General Manager for reviewing them, revising them and bringing them into consistency with the new Master Plan.  Policies within manuals that require Board approval will be brought to the Board for review and consideration.

ADA Self Evaluation and Transition Plan (May 2006)
Archaeological Sites, Guidelines for Protection (Resolution 1989-4-124)
Balanced Budget Policy (Resolution 2009-9-256 & 2009-12-309)
Board Operating Guidelines (Resolution 2011-2-021)
Camping Program Policy  (Resolution 1996-4-80)
Communication Site Policy (Resolution 1994-10-264)
Consolidated Fee Schedule (Resolution 2011-11-271)
Cultural Diversity Policy  (Resolution 1994-12-320)
Emergency Operations Plan
Environmental Review Manual (Resolution 1987-5-130)
Fire Operations Manual
Interpretive Services Manual
Investment Policy (Resolution 2012-2-020)
Land Disposition Policy (Resolution 1984-3-78)
Naming Policy & Guidelines (Resolution 2004-4-73)
Ordinance No. 38  (Ordinance 2012-04-095)
Park Operations Guidelines 
Parkland Dedication Policy (Resolution 1984-3-77)
Personnel Administrative Manual (Resolution 2011-11-273)
Pest Management Policies and Practices  (Resolution 1987-11-325)
Police Department Policy Manual
Sustainability Policy (Resolution 2009-4-102)
Volunteer Manual and Handbook
Wildfire Hazard Reduction and Resource Management Plan (Resolution 2010-4-104)
Wildland Management Policies and Guidelines

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