Junior Lifeguard Cadet Program

This is the perfect program if you want to train like a lifeguard. Maybe you’re too old for Junior Lifeguards or maybe you were in the Aide program and are now looking for a challenge…. Then the Junior Cadet program is for you! This is for ages 14-17. The Cadet program will challenge you physically and mentally. You will be training like a lifeguard. Under the supervision of a veteran lifeguard, Junior Cadets will be challenged to complete long-distance swims and paddles, in-depth skill practice, training with the lifeguard staff, lots of physical training, and gain insider knowledge of how to become an EBRPD lifeguard. If you hope to become a lifeguard one day, this is THE program you want to be in!

Visit the Junior Cadet section of the Junior Lifeguard website. (Hyperlink to Cadet Program Overview)

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