Jr Lifeguard Cadets (14-17)

Junior Lifeguard Cadet - Ages 14-17

This is the perfect program if you want to train like a lifeguard. Maybe you’re too old for Junior Lifeguards or maybe you were in the Aide program and are now looking for a challenge…. Then the Junior Cadet program is for you! This is for ages 14-17. The Junior Cadet program will challenge you mentally and physically to embrace the EBRPD Lifeguard Service’s core values of Safety, Service, Honesty, Integrity, and Respect. Junior Cadets do this through developing skills in teamwork, professionalism, communication, and other soft skills employers look for when hiring new employees. You will be training like a lifeguard. Cadets should expect daily activities to include physical fitness, swimming, and rescue skill training, first aid lectures, in depth skill sessions, practicing emergency operation procedure drills, and insider knowledge of how to become an EBRPD lifeguard. If you hope to become a lifeguard and/or prepare for any future career, this is THE program you want to be in!

This is a lifeguard training program conducted in an open water environment. Participants 15 and older will have the opportunity to earn certification in American Red Cross Lifeguarding, CPR and AED. Those under 15 will participate in all activities but will only be eligible to earn a CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer certification due to age requirements for lifeguard certification.   

Program Goals

  • Prepare Junior Cadets for East Bay Regional Park District “EBRPD” Lifeguard Academy
  • Instill Confidence through physical fitness
  • Encourage development of focus traits
  • Impart the value of public service

Program Information

Location: Don Castro Regional Recreation Area, Hayward
Schedule: The Junior Cadet program is organized as a two-week session. Typically, four sessions are offered each summer. The sessions are only offered as a full day class.
Financial Aid: The Regional Parks Foundation provides financial assistance to families in need. View Campership Financial Aid info.
Registration: 2024 Application Information will be available in February 2024.


  • Day 1 – Welcome to the EBRPD!
  • Day 2 – Safety, First Aid, and Rescues
  • Day 3 – Affecting the Crowd, Spinal Management, and Multiple Victim Rescues
  • Day 4 – Communication, Alternate Stations, and Victim Extrication
  • Day 5 – Missing Persons Scenarios
  • Day 6 – Passive Victim Rescues, CPR, and Triage
  • Day 7 – CPR, First Aid, and Rescues Without Equipment
  • Day 8 – MIR’s, CPR, and First Aid
  • Day 9 – Full Simulations and CPR Testing
  • Day 10 – Rescue Watercraft and Competition


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