Wildflowers Videos

5 Early Season Bay Area Flowers, 01m:01s
Some wildflowers get an early start on blooming. Join Naturalist Trent on a whirlwind tour of five early season Bay Area Wildflowers

Deltoid Balsamroot, 01m:28s
Look deep into the micro-habitat within one of our iconic wildflowers. The Deltoid Balsamroot is in the sunflower family, and in scientific Latin is called Balsamorhiza deltoidea. This beautiful flower is important to people and animals alike.

Flower Dissection, 02m:37s
Flower Dissection What are all those parts of a flower and what do they do? Join Naturalist Ashley as we dig a little deeper into what make a flower work. Enjoy the show, or pick a flower from your yard and follow along. (Please do not pick flowers in the parks).

Giant Trillium, 03m:43s
Join Naturalist Trent for a walk at Tilden Nature Area to search for the giant trillium.

Native Plants, 06m:54s
Join temporary Naturalist Aide for a walk through a local Native Plant garden to discover more about local plants communities, some native favoritres, and some non-native relatives.

Tarplant, 06m:00s
Plant Evolution and Sticky Solutions: "As tenacious as Rocky Balboa, and as important to science as the fruit fly." Join Naturalist Constance to discover how insects can influence plant evolution.

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