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Virtual Campfire Program: Saturday, May 23, 7:00pm
Join us LIVE online for a fun family-friendly program. Sing songs and learn how to search for animal signs.

Parks to People: Bringing our parks into homes, classes, & communities

East Bay Regional Park District is committed to the idea of lifelong learning, helping people make their own discoveries about our parks. These resources are designed to be used at home, in a classroom, or part of any online learning. Use these resources to build your own learning opportunities.

Virtual Reality Park Experiences | Field Studies | Additional Content | Nature Activities and Games

Virtual and Augmented Reality Park Experiences

East Bay Regional Park District and Timelooper, Inc. have developed virtual tours of selected Regional Parks. People can now virtually visit the parks to discover more about these lands and their unique stories.

To experience the parks in Virtual Reality, please download the Timelooper App onto a tablet or smartphone from the App Store or Google Play. Once the App is downloaded onto your device, follow the steps below to find East Bay Regional Park District’s Virtual Reality Experiences.

  1. Download the Timelooper App onto a tablet or smartphone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Once the App is downloaded onto your device, follow the steps on the screen to find East Bay Regional Park District’ in the San Francisco Bay section of the app.   

Mutual Ensured Survival: Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park. Discover the wonders of Pleasanton Ridge as we explore how East Bay Regional Park District is a leader in climate resiliency.

California’s Rocky Past: Las Trampas Regional Wilderness. California’s geologic history is on full display at Las Trampas. Discover the story written across this dramatic landscape.

Discover Alameda Creek: Sunol Regional Wilderness. Alameda Creek snakes through the hills of the East Bay, connecting habitats and communities. Discover the ways this strand of water weaves us together.

Concord Hills: A future Regional Park on the Decommissioned Concord Naval Weapons  Station. Explore this future Regional Park, as you discover the ways this land has been changed by people through the years.
To get a more interactive experience, East Bay Regional Park District and Timelooper developed a new app. The “East Bay Parks: Virtual Tour” app allows you to move across the East Bay learning from Naturalists in our parks. The East Bay Parks: Virtual Tour is currently available for download on the Apple App store, and is coming soon to Google Play.

Field Studies


Introduction to Geology: Sibley, 4m:33s

Geology Ancient Life: Sunol, 2m:20s

Backyard Nature

Soil Health, Backyard Study: Ardenwood, 6m:34s


How to play: Bat and Moth, 3m:27sec

Song: Bats Eat Bugs, 2m:52s

Bats of the East Bay, 3m:44sec

Crab Cove Visitor Center

Mud Flats: Crab Cove, 5m:58s

Rocky Shore: Crab Cove, 5m:10s

Tilden Regional Park

Pond Study: Tilden, 5m:50s

Skull Detectives

Skull Detectives, Carnivores and Herbivores: Part I, 3m21s

Skull Detectives, Ominivores: Part II, 5m:00s

Activities for the Youngest Learners

Wood Duck Discovery 360: Shadow Cliffs, 4m:49s

Songs and Stories - Habitats, 10m:44s

Songs and Stories - Food Chain, 12m:13s

Songs an Stories - Once There was a Live Oak, 13m:02s

5 Senses Exploration, 3m:30s

Ohlone Programming

Gathering Tule Reeds, Building and Launching Tule Boats: Coyote Hills, 7m:53s

Cultural Connections: Acorns 360º, 5m:13s

Additional Content

Plants and Pollination

Bees and Pollinators at Home, 3m:03s

Deltoid Balsamroot, 1m:27s

Soap Root: Briones, 4m:05s

Flower Dissection, 2m:36s

Reptiles, Amphibians, and Gastropods

Banana Slug, 3m:21s

California Newt Super Powers: Briones, 2m:46s

Gopher Snake, 2m:54s

Western Fence Lizard, 2m:03s


Birding Basics, 2m:32s

Habitats on Your Own Habitat, 3m:46s

Nature Activities and Games - Activity Sheets [PDFs]