California Riding and Hiking Trail


Open between 5am and 10pm unless otherwise posted or permitted.


Contra Costa Trails Office
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Trail Attributes

ADA Accessible
ADA: trail surface, width, slope
bikes partially allowed
Bikes: Partially Allowed
dogs partially allowed
Dogs: partially allowed
eBikes: Partially Allowed
horse back riding
Horses: Allowed
Regional Trail
Interpark Regional Trail
Kid friendly
Paved Trail
Unpaved Trail

The California State Riding and Hiking Trail was first envisioned in 1945, but has not yet been completed. The Contra Costa County segment of the trail was a pilot project of the program, and the level of completion it has attained has been due in part to strong public interest in the East Bay. In 1982 Senator Dan Boatright, with support from legislators Robert Campbell and Bill Baker, arranged for a state grant of $300,000 to the Park District using 1964 State Park Bond funds. Coupled with the conveyance of land rights acquired by the state, the District was able to acquire and develop the trail.

This historic trail provides spectacular views, community access, and a challenging and rewarding experience to trail users of various abilities. When completed, it will extend 16 miles and will connect Martinez to Mt. Diablo State Park. Currently the trail is completed from Martinez to Concord, and will soon make the final link to Mt. Diablo. The trail passes from Carquinez Regional Shoreline over the Franklin Hills and makes a connection to the John Muir Historic Site. It passes over and through the hilly residential area of southern Martinez, past city parks (Hidden Lakes, Las Juntas), and into Pleasant Hill, where it utilizes a portion of the Contra Costa Canal Trail. It follows the Canal Trail past Walnut Creek's Larkey Park and Heather Farm Park and leaves it it the vicinity of Lime Ridge Open Space in Concord. From there it courses through open space and residential areas of Concord and into Concord's Newhall Community Park. The trail currently ends south of Crystal Ranch Drive. The trail can be accessed from the variety of parks and schools it connects to, as well as other local parking adjacent to the all-dirt portion of the trail corridor.

To Reach the Trail

There are multiple entrances to access the trail. Refer to the Trail Map for more information.




Trail Accessibility

Certain sections of the trail are wheelchair accessible.

Trail Activities

The California Riding and Hiking Trail is recommended for horseback riders, bicyclers, hikers, joggers, and runners.


Trail Mileage Guide

Download: California Riding and Hiking Trail


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