Skyline National Trail Trail Access Points

Download: East Bay Skyline National Recreation Trail brochure PDF

Alvarado to Inspiration Point

7.14 miles
Part of the Wildcat Creek, Belgum, San Pablo Ridge trails and Nimitz Way. Trail leads through rolling grassy hills and an oak/madrone/bay forest. Along Nimitz Way, once a NIKE missile site access road, there are Monterey, Coulter and Ponderosa pines. This four-mile paved road leads to Inspiration Point in Tilden Regional Park.

1. Alvarado Staging Area, Wildcat Canyon Regional Park, 5845 McBryde/Park Ave, Richmond. 37.9517, -122.319

2. Park Ave Walk-In Entrance, Wildcat Regional Park – near 6166 Park Ave, Richmond. 37.9505, -122.311

3. Inspiration Point, Tilden Regional Park, Wildcat Canyon Rd, Orinda. 37.9049, -122.245

Inspiration Point to Lomas Cantadas

3.04 miles
This section reaches its highest elevation at Volmer Peak (1,913’). Numerous points along the trail offer excellent views of the Bay Area including Mount Tamalpais and the Golden Gate Bridge to the west, Mount Diablo to the east and Mount St. Helena to the north. This section of the trail ends at Lomas Cantadas, near Grizzly Peak Blvd and Tilden Park’s Steam Train.

4. Lomas Cantadas Rd Staging, Tilden Regional Park – near the Tilden Steam Trains. Also called Seaview Trail. 37.8798, -122.222

Lomas Cantadas to Sibley Preserve

3.4 miles
Here the trail continues on East Bay Municipal Utility District land, crosses over the Caldecott Tunnel (built in 1937) and follows the old wagon road to Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve. For an interesting side trip, see the Sibley brochure, which leads hikers on a self-guided tour of long-extinct Round Top volcano. No bicycles allowed on this portion of the trail.

5. Old Tunnel Rd Staging Area, Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve – Quarry Rd, Orinda. Also called the Bay Area Ridge Trail. 37.8565, -122.207

6. Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve Staging Area – Skyline Blvd, Oakland. Also called the Bay Area Ridge Trail. 37.8475, -122.199

Sibley Preserve to Skyline Gate

2.94 miles
Connecting Sibley and Huckleberry preserves with Redwood Regional Park, this section is a favorite among birdwatchers and native plant enthusiasts. Bicyclists must exit Sibley Preserve at main entrance and travel south on Skyline Blvd to Skyline Gate entrance, Redwood Regional Park. Horses and dogs must stay on the Skyline Trail within Huckleberry Preserve.

7. Skyline Entrance, Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve – near 7087 Skyline Blvd, Oakland. Hiker only. Take Huckleberry Path to connect. 37.8428, -122.195

8. Pinehurst Walk-In Entrance, Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve – 908 Pinehurst Rd, Orinda. 37.8408, -122.185

 9. Skyline Gate Staging Area, Redwood Regional Park – 8490 Skyline Blvd, Oakland. Also called East Ridge/Bay Area Ridge Trail. 37.8318, -122.185

Skyline Gate to MacDonald Gate

 5.03 miles
Hikers and equestrians may follow the West Ridge Trail along the higher elevation or split off at French Trail to drop into redwood groves. See the Redwood Regional Park brochure for more details.

10. Moon Gate, Redwood Regional Park – Skyline Blvd, Oakland. Also called West Ridge/Bay Area Ridge Trail. 37.8218, -122.187

11. Redwood Bowl Staging Area, Roberts Regional Park – near 10100 Skyline Blvd, Oakland. Take Roberts Ridge or West Ridge Trail to connect. 37.8168, -122.18

12. Skyline Entrance, Roberts Park – 10570 Skyline Blvd, Oakland – Take Graham Trail to connect. 37.8129, -122.176

13. Big Bear Staging Area, Anthony Chabot Regional Park – Redwood Rd. Also called Golden Spike Trail. 37.7989, -122.154

14. MacDonald Staging Area, Anthony Chabot Regional Park – Redwood Rd. Also called Big Bear Trail. 37.7983, -122.151

MacDonald Gate to Bort Meadow

2.74 miles
Trail passes through willow, oak and madrone groves as it climbs switchbacks to the ridge, splendid view of Grass Valley. The trail continues through coyote bush and grassland as it descends the ridge of Bort Meadow.

15. Parkridge Gate (walk in access), Anthony Chabot Regional Park – At the end of Parkridge Drive (near 5199 Parkridge Dr, Oakland CA 94619). Also called the MacDonald Trail. 37.7904, -122.144

16. Bort Meadow Staging Area/Big Trees, Anthony Chabot Regional Park – Redwood Rd, Alameda County. 37.7775, -122.125

Bort Meadow to Proctor Gate

6.56 miles
The trail wanders down through Grass Valley, past the stone bridge and climbs gently through the forest. After crossing the road that leads to the Anthony Chabot Family Campground (camping available), it follows the ridge down to the golf course and Proctor Gate.

17. Marciel Rd Day Use Parking accessed at Marciel Gate, Anthony Chabot Regional Park – 9999 Redwood Rd, Alameda County. 37.7594, -122.105

18. Marciel Rd, Anthony Chabot Regional Park. 37.741, -122.094

19. Chabot Staging Area (via the Willow View Trail/Bay Area Ridge Trail), Lake Chabot Regional Park. 22323 Redwood Rd, Castro Valley. 37.7378, -122.076

20. Redwood Canyon Public Golf Course Staging Area, Lake Chabot Regional Park – 17007 Redwood Rd, Castro Valley. Also called the Brandon Trail. 37.726, -122.081

21. Proctor Staging Area, Lake Chabot Regional Park – 17306 Redwood Rd, Castro Valley. Also called the Brandon Trail. 37.7215, -122.077

Bort Meadow, Redwood Rd, 4.4 miles east of Redwood Rd, Oakland; Proctor Gate, Redwood Rd, Castro Valley. 

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