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NO SMOKING on EBRPD property, including all piers, parks & trails. (Ord. 38, Sec. 404.3)

ATTENTION BOATERS - Mandatory Boat Inspections (Including motorboats, rowboats, kayaks, canoes and float tubes)

To prevent invasive Zebra and Quagga mussel infestation, the East Bay Regional Park District is performing mandatory boat inspections. All watercraft must be "clean and dry" to pass inspection. Standing water or water from the motor being lowered means the craft will fail inspection. Failing inspection means the craft will not be allowed to launch, AND results in a 5-day quarantine period before another inspection.

Boat inspections are performed at the following lakes:

  • Lake Chabot
  • Del Valle
  • Quarry Lakes
  • Contra Loma
  • Shadow Cliffs

We have a banding program for clean boats. Intact bands will expedite launching at the above lakes. For more information, visit our invasive mussel program page or, call 888-EBPARKS. 

Fish Planting Information

The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) plants rainbow trout and channel catfish up to 6+ pounds each. The California Department of Fish & Wildlife (DF&W) plants trout averaging over ½ pound each. Note: Plants are subject to change due to weather conditions.


Attention Anglers

  1. DO NOT LET YOUR DOG EAT OR LICK RAW TROUT/SALMON. They may be infected with a parasitic disease which can be fatal to your pet. For more information call Fisheries Manager Joe Sullivan at (510) 544-2329.
  2. EBRPD recommends all bass be released. Please do not remove tags from released bass. Record the tag number, length, and weight of the fish to include in your catch report.
  3. Please report your catches and turn in all retrieved tags from kept bass to the marina or kiosk attendant. Length and weight (if possible), location and date would be helpful also.
  4. Please remember to clean up any fouled line and bait containers. Wildlife can be injured or killed by fishing line!! Please use the special fishing line disposal tubes at Del Valle, Lake Chabot, Quarry Lakes and Shadow Cliffs. Recycling your broken fishing monofilament helps protect wildlife.
  5. All park hours are 6am to 7pm unless otherwise posted.

General Activity

East Bay Regional Parks Fishing Report 9.14.2022

WON Staff Writer.

Scalding temperatures punished the East Bay and for the past two weeks the fishing was as tough as it has been all season. Several of the regional lakes were forced to close due to the high temperatures and extreme fire danger. But the heat wave broke at the end of the week and there is plenty of good weather on the horizon. With the cooling temperatures, water temperatures will drop back into their seasonal norms and fishing action should pick up where it left off.


Largemouth bass action is slowly getting back to normal. Large cats are moving out of the deepest water and a 10-plus pounder was taken in the lower narrows. The lake is down slightly but water levels have been stable for most of the summer. 

Don’t forget to fish Lake Del Valle anyone 16 or older must have a Del Valle Fishing Permit, and a California Fishing License. The Fishing Permit is $5.00 per person 16 or older. You can purchase them at the Main Kiosk or at the Bait Store located at the Marina. For the Fishing License you can purchase them at the Bait Store. It is $17.02 for the day. And if you are a California residence for the year it would be $52.66.


Bass action has started to pick back up but is still slow with only a couple reported this past week. Catfish action should start to pick up again  for shore anglers using chicken livers and anchovies from Marina Cove to Racoon Point and along the West Shore Trail to Alder Point. Bass action should be best along the West Shore Trail over structure and near the grass or for boat angers fishing the shallow bars and structure in Bass Cove or along the weed line in Half Moon Bay. Water level and water conditions remain good. 

Hours are subject to change based on weather conditions and light levels.

We encourage all anglers to report their stories, comments, or concerns to the Marina. Thanks again for choosing Lake Chabot as your recreation destination.

Please practice catch and release for bass as they are not stocked into the lake and their population depends on you!


Bass action has picked up and there were two reported this week estimated to weigh 2.5-3 pounds. Rubber worms fished close to the weed should work best at this time. There should be some bluegill available on worms under a bobber. Catfish action has been slow but should also pick up now that the weather has cooled. For cats, try using worms, livers, or dough on a sliding rig. For bluegill try light line with a small section of worm fished at about two feet under a bobber with a single split shot fixed about 6-inches above the hook. Fish the docks or from the shoreline out to about 10 feet or less. These fish hold close to structure, and you don’t need to cast very far for some action. Bass will usually hit plastic worms, or surface baits.


Catfish action has been slow but there were a couple taken this past week. Carp action has been slow but there are still a few being caught. Try fishing the main dock or from the shoreline along the dam. Carp action has been slow with only smaller fish reported. Bluegill action should be good using worms fished at about two feet under a bobber with a single split shot fixed at about 6-inches above the hook.   

Please remember that a California state-fishing license is required for anglers aged 16 or older. In addition, a Park District daily fishing permit is required and may be purchased from the iron ranger located at the swim complex gate.

Please remember there is NO fishing on or around the fish plant site and dock for two hours after a fish plant.


Alameda Co.— Bass action is slow but there were several reported this past week. Catfish action should pick up in the days to come.  Try fishing cut bait, chicken livers, dough, or worms on a sliding rig from the shoreline in front of the Ensenada Picnic Area, and in front of the park office off the Western Pacific Trail or the point off the Fruit Grove tree area. 

If the kiosk is closed, please use the yellow Ventek machine to pay for parking. For fishing permits, you may use either the Ventek machine or the blue iron ranger posts across from the kiosk, from the entrance from the Isherwood Staging Area, and from the walk-through gates by the Sequoia Bridge and from the Niles gate.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST BE 100 FEET AWAY FROM THE FISH TUBE, THE BOAT DOCK, AND THE BEACH AREA while fishing from the shore and from a boat. Also, note that the use of lead fishing tackle is prohibited at Quarry Lakes. You can exchange lead tackle at the kiosk in a “1 for 1” trade for stainless steel weights.

If you want to report your catches, or have your photo taken, please come to the kiosk, and we will take your information!


Action has been slow but is gradually improving. Bluegill have been the mainstay, but cats should be getting active once again. Bass should be moving back into the shallows and will be feeding on baitfish. Shad pattern paddle tails, or bluegill-colored spinners should start to work. Texas style rubber worms slow rolled on the bottom may also produce. Catfish will take chicken livers or catfish dough. Blue gill can be taken on a small piece of nightcrawler under a bobber. Some of the most productive areas will be Channel Point, the cove in front of Locust Grove, and the fishing piers.

Reminder to boaters: All watercrafts (including float tubes) need to have a wearable Coast Guard approved personal floatation device (PFD) per person. Children age 12 and under must wear personal floatation device (PFD) while the vessel is underway.

Please practice catch and release for bass as they are not stocked into the lake and their population depends on you!


The boat launch is CLOSED for the 2022 season due to low water levels. No watercraft of any kind will be permitted to launch until further notice.

Concession Hours: Closed for the season
Marina Hours: Closed for the season

Trail Closures: The third dock is only accessible via the levee trail. The trail between the second and third dock that runs alongside the lake is closed until further notice.


  • EBRPD Daily Fishing Permit
  • CA State Fishing License - Catch and Release
  • Barbless Hooks
  • Artificial lures
  • Float tubes only.


Reminder to boaters: Seas have been rough due to the high winds!
Attention anglers: Please do your part to keep the pier clean!


Reminder to boaters: Please check conditions before launching your boat as conditions can change quickly.


PIER OPEN 24/7 - Free Parking - No Overnight Camping-
NO SMOKING in the park or on the pier

General Fishing Information
Fishing information can be found our Fishing page.
Fees and Licenses: A California State Fishing License and an EBRPD fishing access permit ($5 per day for persons 16 years+) are required to fish at Del Valle, Contra Loma, Lake Chabot, Shadow Cliffs, Temescal, Don Castro, and Quarry Lakes.

NEW STURGEON REGULATIONS:  Sturgeon must be between 40 and 60 inches, (fork length) to keep.
• Sturgeon regulations - California Department of Fish & Wildlife [PDF] 

General Information

General Fishing information: Fishing Activities

Guidelines for Fish Consumption: Fishing Advisories

Fees and Licenses: A California State Fishing License and an EBRPD fishing access permit ($5 per day for persons 16 years+) are required to fish at Del Valle, Contra Loma, Lake Chabot, Shadow Cliffs, Temescal, Don Castro, and Quarry Lakes.

Individual Membership Program


  • Includes all the benefits of Basic Membership plus boat launch and annual fishing permit for one named individual; state fishing permit also required for individuals 16 years and older $300.

Special Access Angler (Seniors, Students, Veterans and persons with disabilities)

  • Senior Anglers must be 62+ years of age
  • Proof of eligibility required. Please supply documentation to or fax it to (510) 635-3478 (attn: Membership) $180.

New regulations require possession of a Sturgeon Fishing Report Card.
FishSize LimitNumber per day


No limit



No limit


Black bass

12 inches minimum


Striped bass

18 inches minimum



40-60 inches in fork-length


Crappie, Bluegill
& Sunfish

No limit

25 in combination


No limit

No limit

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