Smoke Alarm Safety Tips

Please keep your family safe and make sure your home smoke alarm works.

  • Place properly installed and maintained smoke alarms both inside and outside of sleeping areas and on every level of your home.
  • Interconnected smoke alarms are best, because if one sounds, they all sound. 
  • Inspect, test and clean smoke alarms and change alkaline batteries at least once every year, or when the alarm signals (“chirps”) the end of the battery life. You can use a date you already know, like your birthday or when you change your clocks as a reminder. 
  • Practice exit drills so everyone in the house understands what to do when they hear a smoke alarm. (Remember the drill? Stay low to the ground, have a predetermined meeting spot outside and call 911).    
  • Keep your smoke alarm working, NEVER REMOVE BATTERIES FROM YOUR ALARM.

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