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Tyler Ranch Staging Area and Trails at Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park


Site of the Future Tyler Ranch Staging Area
Site of the Future Tyler Ranch Staging Area / EBRPD

The Park District acquired the 1,476-acre Tyler Ranch property in 2009. In 2012, the Park District Board of Directors adopted the Pleasanton Ridge Land Use Plan, which identified Tyler Ranch as the site of a new staging area to provide pedestrian, equestrian, and bicycle access into the southern end of Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park.

Located at the southwest terminus of Foothill Road in the Town of Sunol, the site of the future Tyler Ranch Staging Area includes a pasture area that fronts Foothill Road, a vacant residence, a residential home site, a barn, a workshop, a storage shed, a chicken coop, a spring, and series of corrals.

The future staging area will include 66 parking spaces on a gravel lot, 4 ADA spaces, and 3 horse, trailer, or bus parking. Restrooms and site furnishings such as drinking fountain, bike rack, and informational panel will be included. A small family picnic area will also be included. The project also includes landscape screening for adjacent residences, security lighting, and on-site stormwater run-off collection.

From the staging area, park visitors will be able to access the future Tyler Ranch Trail, the Sunol Ridge Trail, and eventually future trails within the Park District’s Robertson property.

Construction of the staging area and trails is set to begin in September 2021 and will run through May 2022. The new staging area and trails is expected to be open to the public in Summer 2022.

Site Description

The Tyler Ranch barn, painted with “Foothill Farms”
The Tyler Ranch barn, painted with “Foothill Farms” was used by the Tyler family for cattle ranching.
Sunol Ridge Trail
The Sunol Ridge Trail will have connections to the Tyler Ranch Staging Area.
Tyler Ranch Loop Trail
The new Tyler Ranch Trail will be constructed as part of the project.

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