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Risk Assessment and Adaptation Prioritization Plan (RAAPP)


SF Bay Trail Risk Assessment and Adaptation Prioritization Plan

The Park District has developed the San Francisco Bay Trail Risk Assessment and Adaptation Prioritization Plan (SF Bay Trail RAAPP) to understand the future changes anticipated along the East Bay shoreline. This study evaluates the vulnerabilities facing the East Bay’s shoreline and assists the Park District in prioritizing nature-based adaptation projects to provide multiple benefits for the region. At a high level, the study is focused on balancing goals related to advancing ecological restoration, recreation, critical mobility, and building important interpretive educational opportunities. The study also focuses on several prototype sites to demonstrate how the latest techniques related to coarse beach and marsh adaptation, for example, can be implemented to provide shoreline access as sea levels rise. By working with a wide range of experts, from research partners to local community stakeholders, the team has developed an integrated approach to adaptation planning and design that will benefit the community and the broader region for decades to come.

To learn more about the study, and view the recording of the informational webinar, please visit the SF Bay Trail RAAPP StoryMap

Download/view the completed SF Bay Trail RAAPP (PDF) or view online below.


This Study has garnered two prestigious statewide awards:

The Park District appreciates the WRT team in the development of the RAAPP.



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