Park Prescriptions: Articles and Media

Harvard Public Health
February 13, 2023

Doctor’s Orders—Head to the Museum Instead of the Pharmacy

Visión Hispana
October 28, 2022
Nature Wlill Always Welcome You, Don't Destroy

Visión Hispana
June 6, 2022
Healing with Community

Children & Nature Network
April 2021 
Outdoors for All: Access to Nature is a Human Right [PDF]

The Washington Post
April 13, 2021 
A year into the pandemic, it’s even more clear that it’s safer to be outside [PDF]

Discover Magazine
April 11, 2021 
Green Spaces Are A Necessity, Not An Amenity. How Can Cities Make Them Accessible To Everyone? [PDF]

Frontiers in Psychology
Feb 26, 2020 
Connectedness to Nature: Its Impact on Sustainable Behaviors and Happiness in Children [PDF]

CNN Health
Feb 26, 2020 
Nature Makes Children Happier, Science Shows [PDF]

Bay Nature
Fall 2019 
It's More Than a Walk in the Park [PDF]

PBS News Hour
Aug 28, 2019
Why Doctors Are Increasingly Prescribing Nature  [Youtube]

The New York Times
Jun 13, 2019 
How Much Nature Is Enough? 120 Minutes a Week, Doctors Say [PDF]

Sierra Club
May 7, 2019 
Outdoors for All [PDF]

Visión Hispana
Mar 29, 2019 
More than a walk: Guided walks inspire health, community connections [PDF]

CNN Health
October 5 2018 
Doctors are Prescribing Nature to Patients in the UK's Shetland Islands [PDF]

The New York Times
Jul 12, 2018 
Take a Walk in the Woods. Doctor’s Orders.
Immersing yourself in nature to combat stress and improve health

Visión Hispana
May 25, 2018
Walking To Wellness [PDF]

East Bay Times
Aug 18, 2017 
Wellness walks help a new demographic discover regional parks [PDF]

East Bay Express
May 18, 2017
How Nature Heals: Why East Bay Doctors Are Prescribing the Outdoors to People of Color [PDF]

SF Chronicle
Apr 10, 2017 
Natural Medicine: Urban families explore benefits of the outdoors [PDF]

Harvard Health Publication
Mar 9, 2017 
Time Spent in “Green” Places Linked With Longer Life in Women [PDF]

TED Talk
Jun 14, 2016 
Nooshin Razani, MD.: Prescribing Nature for Health  [Youtube]

Children & Nature Network
August 2015
RESTORING PEACE: Six Ways Nature in Our Lives Can Reduce the Violence in Our World [PDF]

Stanford News
June 30, 2015 
Stanford researchers find mental health prescription: Nature [PDF]

April 20, 2015
Multicultural Roundtable Connects Parks to Diverse Communities [PDF]

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