Park Prescriptions: Articles and Media


Harvard Public Health , February 13, 2023
Doctor’s Orders—Head to the Museum Instead of the Pharmacy

Children & Nature Network, April  2021 [PDF]
Outdoors for All: Access to Nature is a Human Right

The Washington Post: April 13, 2021 [PDF]
A year into the pandemic, it’s even more clear that it’s safer to be outside

Discover Magazine: April 11, 2021 [PDF]
Green Spaces Are A Necessity, Not An Amenity. How Can Cities Make Them Accessible To Everyone?

Frontiers in Psychology: Feb 26, 2020 [PDF]
Connectedness to Nature: Its Impact on Sustainable Behaviors and Happiness in Children

CNN Health: Feb 26, 2020 [PDF]
Nature Makes Children Happier, Science Shows

Bay Nature: Fall 2019 [PDF]
It's More Than a Walk in the Park

The New York Times: Jun 13, 2019  [PDF]
How Much Nature Is Enough? 120 Minutes a Week, Doctors Say

Sierra Club: May 7, 2019 [PDF]
Outdoors for All

Visión Hispana: Mar 29, 2019 [PDF]
More than a walk: Guided walks inspire health, community connections.

CNN Health: October 5 2018 [PDF]
Doctors are Prescribing Nature to Patients in the UK's Shetland Islands

The New York Times: Jul 12, 2018 [PDF]
Take a Walk in the Woods. Doctor’s Orders.
Immersing yourself in nature to combat stress and improve health.

Visión Hispana: May 25, 2018 [PDF]
Walking To Wellness.

East Bay Times: Aug 18, 2017 [PDF]
Wellness walks help a new demographic discover regional parks.

East Bay Express: May 18, 2017 [PDF]
How Nature Heals: Why East Bay Doctors Are Prescribing the Outdoors to People of Color.

SF Chronicle: Apr 10, 2017 [PDF]
Natural Medicine: Urban families explore benefits of the outdoors.

Harvard Health Publication: Mar 9, 2017 [PDF]
Time Spent in “Green” Places Linked With Longer Life in Women

TED Talk: Jun 14, 2016 [Youtube]
Nooshin Razani, MD.: Prescribing Nature for Health

Children & Nature Network, August 2015 [PDF]
RESTORING PEACE: Six Ways Nature in Our Lives Can Reduce the Violence in Our World

Stanford News, June 30, 2015 [PDF]
Stanford researchers find mental health prescription: Nature

EBRPD News, April 20, 2015
Multicultural Roundtable Connects Parks to Diverse Communities

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