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About Mobile Education

Since 2009, the Mobile Education Unit travels to schools and community organizations in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties to provide hands-on learning opportunities. The Mobile Education Unit runs both a Mobile Visitor Center and Mobile Fish Exhibit.  

Mobile Visitor Center

Naturalist Programs

Mobile Visitor Center 

The Mobile Visitor Center has materials for teaching a wide range of nature-related topics, from reptiles to lifecycles and more.

Nature Walk: Experience the Regional Parks with a program hosted by one of our naturalists in the field. Program themes align with NGSS. 

Naturalist in the Classroom: We can teach your class from a variety of nature-related topics including Botany, Reptiles/Amphibians, or Lifecycles.

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Mobile Fish Exhibit

Mobile Fish Exhibit

The Mobile Fish Exhibit is a 1500-gallon aquarium on wheels housing the most diverse collection of California Freshwater Fish.

The Mobile Fish Exhibit provides a fantastic view of the otherwise invisible underwater world, and is a great jumping off point for conversations about aquatic resource preservation & protection.

Subject to availability, the Mobile Fish Exhibit can offer educational experiences at like-minded community-based special events with a minimum of 500 participants. If interested, send us an email.

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