Temporary Park Access (TPA) Permit

Temporary Park Access (TPA) Permits

Types of Permits

Temporary Park Access (TPA) Permit:

  • Access to a park, trail, or land banked property for the purpose of tree work, maintenance, or construction activities,
  • Activities take place on Park District Property
    • This includes staging vehicles or equipment
    • Helicopter work that affects operations of Park District lands (overhead work)
  • Activities can be from one day to one year

    Extensions and Amendments:

    Log into the Online Access Permit Portal and select Amendment or Extension of TPA.

    Good Neighbor Access (GNA) Permit:

    Contractors or neighbors who want access to cross District land to get to private property for a short period of time (one day to one week).
    For more information, please visit Good Neighbor Access (GNA) Permit.

    Processing Time

    Processing time for TPA Permit requests is 30 days. More complicated requests may take up to 60 days to process. Please plan accordingly. Once you have submitted your online application, you can track the progress of the permit application through your account in the online portal.

    Review Period

    Review period for permit applications is two weeks. The review period begins when a complete application with all required documents is received.

    Minimum Requirements for TPA Permits

    1. Fully completed application form, with a full description of the project including all vehicles and equipment required to access the site. (i.e.; 1 helicopter, 2 chippers).
    2. Required insurance documents; requirements may vary based on the description of project/activity.
    3. Maps and/or KMZ files showing the location of the project and the access route you are requesting to use. Do not send latitude and longitude coordinates. View Example Map
    4. For Temporary Park Access Permits that involve ground disturbance, tree and/or brush removal also include:
      1. Nesting Bird Survey (February 1 to August 31).
      2. Biological Constraints Report. View Example Biological Constraints
      3. Cultural Constraints Report. View Example Cultural Constraints

    How to Apply

    Fees & Fee Payment

    • All TPA Permits, Amendments and Extensions will require a $100 application fee due at the time of submission.
    • TPA Permits may be subject to review, inspection, coordination and/or temporary park use fees.
    • TPA Permits may require a deposit prior to issuance.
    • Electronic payment will be required for all TPA Permit fees and deposits.
    • See the full listing of fees: Fee Schedule
    • Credit Card
      • All fees and deposits may be paid by credit card using the Online Access Permit Portal.
      • Credit card address must match the applicant address.
    • Check
      • If credit card and bank transfer are not available, make checks payable to East Bay Regional Park District.
      • Mail to: Attn:
        Accounts Receivable/Access Permits
        2950 Peralta Oaks Court
        Oakland, CA 94605

        Include the Permit Number on the check.