Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area

Outdoor Program Permit Information

Outdoor Program classes and day camps must have a permit in order operate in the East Bay Regional Park District. Day camps and Outdoor program are considered “operating” in the Park District when the park is the primary business location (i.e. participants are dropped off and picked up at the park). Additionally, this permit is required for day camps and outdoor programs that meet four (4) or more days per month for at least two (2) months. In most cases, a permit is not required for occasional field trips.

The Outdoor Program permit is an annual permit valid for all program dates between September 1 and May 31. If your program is offered in the summer months, you will need to obtain a Summer Day Camp Operator Permit. The cost of the Outdoor Program permit is $400 per year per park.

To begin the permit process, or if you are unsure if your program requires an Outdoor Program permit, please email the Reservations Supervisor at with information about your program. You will receive a response within 3-5 business days.