Beehives at Ardenwood

Apiary Permit (for Beekeepers)

An Apiary permit is required for any individual who wishes to use park district land for beekeeping activities. 

If requesting to have hives in multiple parks, a separate application and permit fee are required for each park.

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Minimum Requirements

  1. Completed application with signed Apiary Permit Terms and Conditions.
  2. Proof of registration with the County Agricultural Commissioner (AB 2428).
  3. Valid Insurance meeting District requirements.
  4. Purchase a $150.00 annual Apiary permit.
  5. Hives must be identified by a prominently displayed sign and stenciled with the owner’s name, address, and phone number.

Application Process

These steps should be followed in the order in which they are listed.

Step 1 - Complete and Submit the Application Packet

Complete all fields on the application form, including required attachments, and return via email, fax, or mail to the address listed on the application.

  • Attach a map indicating the proposed location of the beehive(s).
  • Attach proof of registration with the County Agricultural Commissioner (AB 2428).

Step 2 - Application Review

Once it is received, each application will be reviewed for approval. If the proposed location is not approved, the application will be denied. You may submit a new application for an alternate location.

Step 3 - Meet with Park Supervisor

You will be provided with the Park Supervisor's contact information when your application is reviewed. You must contact the Park Supervisor to discuss your application, proposed location, etc. to be approved.

Step 4 - Insurance

Submit General Liability insurance that meets District requirements (see exhibit A, page 9-10 on application form). 

Step 5 - Purchase Permit

After the completion of all steps listed above, purchase the Apiary Permit here: The permit is $150.00 per year/location.

Step 6 - Approved Permit Issued 

The Reservations Department will email a copy of the approved application(s) and permit to the Permittee once all steps are completed.

Please allow at least 60 days for the review and processing of applications.