Ohlone Regional Wilderness

Drinking Water availability in Ohlone trail camps:

> Stromer Spring: Ohlone Wilderness - Ample Water
> Stewarts Camp: Ohlone Wilderness - Ample Water
> Maggies Half Acre: Ohlone Wilderness - Intermittent Water.  Some water may be available, but,  backpackers should carry water to this site in the event that the springs are depleted.
> Doe Camp: Ohlone Wilderness - Ample Water
> Sunol Backpack Camp: Intermittent Water.  Some water may be available, but, backpackers should carry water to this site in the event that the springs are depleted.

Park Info

Del Valle Regional Park
>  Sunol Regional Wilderness
>  Mission Peak Regional Preserve

Phone Number

(510) 544-3246
Toll Free: 888-EBPARKS (888-327-2757), option 3, extension 4547

Park/Gate Hours
Feb 1 - Mar 8
   8am - 6pm
Mar 9 - May 8
   8am - 8pm
May 9 -Nov 1
   8am - 9pm
Nov 2 - Jan 31
   8am - 5pm

Trail Permit Fee
$2.50/person/year by mai

Parking: See Del Valle Regional Park, Sunol Regional Wilderness and Mission Peak Regional Preserve
Dogs: Dogs are allowed during daytime only. Fee paid at Sunol or Del Valle entry point.

Trail Map 
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Ohlone Wilderness

About The Park

You have to hike or ride horseback to see this magnificent 9,737-acre parkland, accessible only by way of the Ohlone Wilderness Trail. Its centerpiece is 3,817-foot Rose Peak, just 32 feet lower than Mount Diablo. Surrounding Rose Peak are grassy ridges, profusely flowered in season. The abundance of wildlife includes golden eagles, mountain lions, and tule elk. 

Wildflower Photo Guide

  • Ohlone - 3 Mb, 11 x 8.5, 22 pp. [PDF]

Park Features

The region is home to very few people, but it shelters abundant wildlife. Creatures not often seen near metropolitan areas live in these lands, including the endangered bald eagle, mountain lions, bobcats, deer, and a herd of Tule Elk.

The landscape includes oak and bay woodlands, grassy uplands carpeted with springtime wildflowers, and wilderness ridges and peaks.

Park Activities

Hiking and Horseback Riding

The remote and beautiful wilderness areas of the Ohlone Wilderness are accessible only through the Ohlone Wilderness Trail. The Ohlone Trail traverses 28 miles of mountains and canyons in southern Alameda County and is open to hikers and equestrians. Trail bicycles and motor vehicles are not permitted.

The Ohlone Trail passes through the Ohlone Wilderness and three regional parks: Mission Peak Regional Preserve in Fremont, Sunol Regional Wilderness near Pleasanton and south of Sunol, and Del Valle Regional Park. It also passes through two watershed areas leased from the San Francisco Water Department.

It is very important to stay on the trail corridor in these leased areas and obey directional signs along the way. Trespassing off-trail into non-leased water department lands may result in citation and may jeopardize future public use of the leased lands.

Ohlone Wilderness Regional Trail Hiking Permit
The Ohlone Wilderness Regional Trail Hiking Permit/Map is required for day use and camping. You may purchase your permit in one of the following ways:

  • In–person Locations:  Sunol and Del Valle Park entrance kiosks, the Coyote Hills Visitor Center in Fremont, at the Park District administration offices at 2950 Peralta Oaks Court in Oakland during business hours. 
  • Online: EBParks.org/Register
  • By Phone: call the Reservations Department at 1-888-327-2757, option 2.
  • By Mail: Send your name, address, phone number and check payable to EBRPD to The Reservations Department, EBRPD, 2950 Peralta Oaks Court, P.O. Box 5381, Oakland, CA 94605-0381. 

Fee for in-person purchase is $2/person/year; by mail/phone/online $4/person/year for first five permits and $3/person/year for each additional permit after five.


Overnight camping at designated campsites along the Ohlone Wilderness Trail is allowed by reservation only, and separate arrangements should be made by phoning 1-888-EBPARKS or 1-888-327-2757, press option 2. For general information about the Ohlone Wilderness, phone Sunol Regional Wilderness at (925) 862-2244.

Separate arrangements may be made for overnight camping at Del Valle Regional Park (outside the Ohlone Wilderness at the north end of the Ohlone Trail) and at Sunol Regional Wilderness (midway along the Ohlone Trail) by calling 1-888-EBPARKS or 1-888-327-2757, press option 2. Staging areas and vehicle parking lots near the trail are located at Del Valle, Sunol, and Mission Peak.

To Reach The Park

Staging areas and vehicle parking lots that give access to the Ohlone Wilderness are located at Del Valle Regional Park outside Livermore, Sunol Regional Wilderness near Pleasanton, and Mission Peak Regional Preserve in Fremont.

Transit & Trails: Ohlone Regional Wilderness (transit, biking, and walking directions)

Trail Map

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Trail Map


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