Trail Restoration: Mission Peak Needs Your Help!

The Issue

Increased popularity and visitor use at Mission Peak has negatively affected the trails as short cuts, also known as “bootleg” trails, have been created.  These bootleg trails cause erosion that damages the fragile ecosystem and create ugly scars in the landscape.

The Solution

Trail Restoration! Park Rangers have been working with students from Irvington High School in Fremont and the Mountain Goats, a local mountain bike club on restoration of bootleg trails along the Hidden Valley Trail. Since October 2012, there have been ten volunteer days for projects including graffiti removal, digging postholes for signs, litter removal, and trail restoration work that consists of installing jute blankets, eco-wattles, seed, and signage.  Protective fencing is being installed by a fencing contractor. A total of 72 volunteer hours have been logged between October 2012 and March 2013, and approximately one-half mile of bootleg trail is being restored!

What You Can Do

~ Stay on designated trails. Do not cut switchbacks or take shortcuts
~ Observe all park rules and curfew hours
~ Wear sturdy shoes with ankle support when hiking
~ Carry water for yourself and your dog; every year some dogs (and people) collapse on long and steep trails
~ Cyclists must call out and/or ring bike bells when passing

Interested in Volunteering?

For volunteer opportunities at Mission Peak and other East Bay regional parks, please see our Get Involved pages.

Mission Peak Needs Your Help! (PDF) (Signage)

Photos of the trail restoration work (PDF)