Calf grazing

Stay Safe Around Cattle During Calving Season

August to October is calving season for Bay Area cattle ranchers whose animals graze in the Regional Parks. Although calves are very cute, human interaction with them can be a danger to both people and animals. Here are some tips to stay safe around cattle at this time of year:

  • Admire calves from a distance but do not approach them.
  • Do not get between mother cows and young calves. You could get hurt, and the calf and mother cow will be stressed if you get close. 
  • Do not worry if you see a calf by itself. The mother cow is usually eating or drinking nearby and will return. 
  • If you do find a calf by itself, never approach it, take selfies with it, or attempt to touch or relocate it. Those actions can result in injury to you and/or the death of the calf.
  • Dogs must be on leash in all areas where livestock are present. Keep your leashed dogs well away from any calves you see.
  • If you believe a calf is in significant distress, or appears to be injured, sick or dead, please note the location, the color of the animal, the ear tag number, and report it to the park staff.

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