Measure FF Special Tax Lien

  • Q1: What is the special tax lien?
    A: It's not a traditional tax lien and may not be released. The lien is recorded as a "Notice of Special Tax Lien" which secures the special tax. The notice of special tax lien provides information regarding:
    - The description of the tax.
    - Facilities and services funded by the tax.
    - How the tax is collected.
    - How to appeal the tax.
    - Parcel numbers and owner(s) of the properties subject to the tax.
  • Q2: Do I owe any money?
    A: Your property tax bill includes this tax, listed as EBRPD CFD No. A/C-3. If your property taxes have been paid in full, nothing is owed.
  • Q3: What documentation can I provide to my lender/bank to answer their questions?
     Print and mail or email this page to the lender or banking institution. If they need additional documentation or have questions, ask them to contact NBS at customercare@nbsgov.com 
  • Q4: How much is it?
    A: $12/year per single family home. The 20-year measure will expire in 2040. Learn more about Measure FF. Resources available here.
  • Q5: Why am I just hearing about it now? I have owned my house for a long time.
    A: The Park District recorded the “notice of special tax lien” in January 2019.
    Get background information on Measure FF. Explore resources. Watch videos.
  • Q7 Can I opt out?
    A: No, but seniors can request to apply for a discount. To apply for a discount, contact customercare@nbsgov.com . Include your name, mailing address, the parcel number(s), and the best way to reach you.
  • Q8: When does the lien expire?
    A: In 2040.

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