Wildflowers In Your Parks

As winter turns to spring the east bay parks transform into a beautiful sight as wildflowers begin to bloom from about the end of March through beginning of May.

By preserving open spaces and safeguarding the land through effective management of invasive species, the East Bay Regional Park District helps ensure the survival of beautiful native flowers.

Flowers are significant and they have the important job of producing seeds. Ohlone, Bay Miwok, and Delta Yokut ancestors ate seeds from flowering plants as a major source of carbohydrates in their diet. Pollinators eat nectar from flowers, and spread pollen to make those seeds.

Remember when you’re out on the trails to take only pictures, leave the flowers for others to enjoy and for pollinators.

Where to See Wildflowers

Get out on the trails and enjoy these 10 great parks to see beautiful blooms!


Sunol Regional Wilderness Virtual Wildflower Season

Check out our Sunol Wildflower Season virtually! Visit the Sunol Regional Wilderness Facebook page for online events and the Activity Guide for wildflower programs.


Wildflower Guides

Continue learning about beautiful blooms with our handy guides. View and download guides for the EBRPD parks.

Digital Learning – Naturalist Wildflower Videos

Visit our Digital Learning portal to view 3-8 minute videos highlighting specific wildflower species.

Poppies by C Harris 2016 
Poppies at Black Diamond Mines by Cindy Harris, Feb. 2016.






Flower drawing above: Laurie Wigham
Photo at upper right: Jay Huang