2021 UN International Day of Peace

Saturday, September 18,  2021
10:00 am to 1:15 pm
Lake Chabot Regional Park
17600 Lake Chabot Road, Castro Valley, CA 94546
Download: 2021 Event Flyer [PDF]

At the September 21 Board Meeting, Board Director Dennis Waespi presented highlights from the event. Watch his presentation here. View presentation file here.

This event is our fourth year celebrating World Peace Day at the Park District. There'll be sharing of messages/prayers, songs, and reflections on ways to recover better for an equitable and sustainable world*. Our active collaboration and empathy is needed in these difficult times to build a world of peace, understanding, respect, equity, and safety for all peoples.
There will be  an unveiling of a 12-foot PEACE POLE – a symbol of the hopes and dreams of the global family for Peace on Earth.

Learn more about the Lake Chabot Peace Pole.

*2021 Theme: Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world

Activities: Peace messages, singing, drumming, arts and crafts, light lunch, 30-minute walk alongside lake.

Wear and Bring

  • Your favorite multicultural outfit (dress, shirt, vest, a scarf, shawl, hat, accessories)
  • Face mask
  • Sunscreen
  • light jacket as temperatures may vary through the day
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Plenty of water (Bring your own bottle!)

Sponsors: Regional Parks Foundation and East Bay Regional Park District
Community Partners: Eden Area Interfaith Council, Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center, UNA East Bay Chapter, Samuel Merritt University – Ethnic Health Institute 

Our Community's Pledge for Peace

  • We pledge to build a just, loving, compassionate, and inclusive world that embraces diversity, including age, race, gender, ethnicities, abilities, sexual orientation, religions, and political leanings.
  • We pledge to see and respect each other as sisters and brothers. We welcome and value diverse cultures, faith traditions, and perspectives.
  • We pledge to do more listening to better understand our children, sisters and brothers, parents, colleagues, neighbors, and community members.
  • We pledge to reject violence including bullying and racism; and we stand in support of anyone or community being targeted.
  • We pledge to protect and heal our life-giving lands, forests, rivers, oceans, wildlife, and habitats.
  • We commit, every day, to do our best to be active peace builders in our schools, workplaces, communities, parks, cities, and our world. 

» 2020 UN International Day of Peace

UN International Day of Peace
Saturday, September 18
10:00 am to 1:15 pm

9:30 am
to 10 am


Registered attendees check-in

10:00 am


Blowing of Shofar (ram’s horn) by Diana ZankowskyEden Area Interfaith Council, to gather together participants and begin ceremony

10:12 am


Welcome by EBRPD General Manager Sabrina B. Landreth

10:13 am


Vice Chairwoman of Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area Monica V. Arellano

10:15 am


EBRPD Board Director Dennis Waespi

10:16 am


Regional Parks Foundation Board Member Keith White 

10:17 am

   United Nations Association-USA, East Bay Chapter, Board Member Melinda Howard-Herrarte

10:18 am


Peace message, Gurmeet Singh, Gurdwara Sahib -- Hayward and EAIC

10:19 am


Peace Songs, children from Bahai Castro Valley

10:23 am


Peace message, Marcel Patterson, Jr., student

10:27 am


Peace message, Kim Vanderheiden, Pax Christi Castro Valley

10:28 am


Peace message, Jayda Gray, student, Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center

10:32 am


Peace Songs, Kokou Katamani and Bruce Burger, musicians

10:37 am


Peace message, Favour Asu, student, Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center



Peace message, Vince Hall, My Peak Fitness

10:43 am


Peace story, Four Harmonious Friends from Buddhist tradition, Liz Nichols, storyteller

10:46 am


Form small groups to discuss peace action

11:00 am


Sharing from groups

11:06 am


Peace message, Anka Bolorsukh, student, Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center

11:10 am


Peace message, Bishop Robert, Eden Area interfaith Council

11:11 am


Children share their peace drawings

11:16 am


Peace Songs, Bruce Burger and Kokou Katamani

11:20 am


Director Waespi concludes ceremony with appreciation to all. Reading of Peace Pledge.

11:22 am


Adjourn to PEACE POLE for unveiling and singing.

11:27 am


Director Waespi introduces Peace Pole and Lake Chabot staff

11:28 am


Park Supervisor Tamie Andrews and team; message, unveiling of Peace Pole

11:40 am


Peace Song, Kokou Katamani and Bruce Burger

11:46 am


Peace, Joy, and Laughter, Liz Nichols

 11:50 am    Group Photo

12:00 pm



12:25 pm


Peace Walk led by Director Waespi 

1:15 pm


May Peace Prevail on Earth. Peace be with you till we meet again on World Peace Day 2022.