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2021 Coastal Cleanup Self-guided Event

 Neighborhood cleanup: September 1st-30th

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This year, you can participate in the 37th Annual California Coastal Cleanup with us from home! Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are taking precautions to help keep all our Volunteers and Staff safe.

BUT-Trash in the streets turns to trash on the beach once the rains begin. Not to mention, cleaning neighborhoods provides a valuable service to the coast and our communities alike! If you would like to stay closer to home, please see the guidelines below:

1. Register for the Self-guided Neighborhood Cleanup event.
   » Register for a self guided cleanup
2. Look through our Safety Guidelines and watch last year’s safety video.
3. Assemble your own cleanup gear!
 • Trash bags or buckets
 • Gloves
  Face mask
  A trash grabber or tongs
  Sun protection
  Close-toed shoes
4. Download the CleanSwell App* if you want to record your findings and contribute to citizen science.
5. Go out and pick up trash! Remember, you are our most important resource: safety first!
6. Throw any debris collected into your home trash bin.
7. Dispose of your gloves and thoroughly wash your hands
8. Take the simple survey and REPORT YOUR SERVICE!
9. Post your pics on Social Media with the hashtags: #ebrpdcoastalcleanup
10. Have fun, and know that you made a difference!

Thank you for extending your care and compassion to our communities and helping our shorelines! Stay healthy and safe.