Trails are for Everyone

May 1, 2022
Trails are for Everyone

East Bay regional parks and trails are for everyone, whether you walk, ride, or roll. For the past few years, the Park District has been working with a Trail User Working Group (TUWG) made up of active trail user stakeholders to provide feedback and concerns regarding trail use, including trail safety, trail connections, and trail enhancements and maintenance. The TUWG includes bicyclists, conservationists, dog owners, equestrians, hikers, land trusts managers, youths, and members of the Park District’s Park and Multicultural Advisory Committees and Regional Parks Foundation. A TUWG Final Summary Report was issued in March 2022.

The Park District received valuable input from the group, including the strong desire for more trail user education. The group felt education was especially important given the influx of park visitors during COVID-19, including many new visitors who are unaware of existing trail user rules and courtesy.

Over the coming months, visitors will see expanded park signage and other communications as part of a “Trails Are for Everyone” educational campaign. User groups will receive information related to their specific trail use, focused on improving safety and trail courtesy.


• Stay to the right when approaching others.

• Stop and yield to horseback riders.

• Hiking with Your Dog?

1. Bag it and Bin it (Do not leave dog poop bags on the trails.)

2. Keep your dog on leash in parking lots, trailheads, picnic areas, paved trails, and resource protection areas.

3. Keep your dog under voice control when off leash.


• Keep to the right around other trail users.

• Let trail users know how to pass your horse safely.

• Clean up after your horse on paved trails.


• Always yield to pedestrians and equestrians.

• Slow down around others.

• Call out or ring your bell when passing.

• Stay on designated trails for your safety and others. Bicycles are not permitted on narrow trails except for specific sections below:

Anthony Chabot

  • Towhee Trail
  • Redtail Trail
  • Brandon Trail
  • MacDonald Trail to Grass Valley
  • Grass Valley from MacDonald to Bort Meadow Group Camp


  • Lafayette Ridge Trail
  • Briones Crest Trail (north of Deer Creek Trail)
  • Blue Oak Shortcut Trail

Brushy Peak

  • Brushy Peak Loop Trail

Carquinez Shoreline

  • Hulet Hornbeck Trail

Crocket Hills

  • Edwards Loop Trail
  • Wood Rat Trail
  • Soaring Eagle Trail
  • Warep Trail
  • Two Peaks Trail
  • Goldfinch Trail
  • Tree Frog Loop Trail
  • Sugar City Trail

Del Valle

  • Heron Bay Trail
  • Swallow Bay Trail


  • Zeile Creek Trail

Lake Chabot

  • Brandon Trail

Mission Peak

  • Panorama Trail

Morgan Territory

  • Clyma Trail

Pleasanton Ridge

  • Sinbad Creek Trail
  • Ridgeline Trail
  • Bay Leaf Trail
  • North Ridge Trail (between markers 34 & 37)

Sibley Regional Preserve

  • Skyline National Recreation Trail between Sibley Staging and Old Tunnel Road


  • Vollmer Peak Trail

Unincorporated Contra Costa County

  • Tassajara Ridge Trail