Ten Things To Do on the Farm

Wednesday, Nov 2, 2022

Ardenwood Historic Farm has slowed down from the busy fall harvest season and moved into the quieter months of winter. There is still plenty to see and do around the farm, though! Consider one of our Top Ten suggested activities next time you visit.
10. Bring binoculars and look at birds.*
9. Visit the chickens.
8. Bring a sketchbook and draw what you see.
7. Take photos.
6. Take a self-guided tour: ebparks.org/parks/ardenwood/digital-walking-tour
5. Write a scavenger hunt and see how many items you can check off. Items might include things like: a yellow flower, a turkey, a squirrel, a cow, a plant with fruit, a bug …
4. Walk paths through oak woodland at the back of the farm.
3. Pet a goat. (Just wash your hands after!)
2. Bring a blanket and have an old-fashioned picnic.*
1. Join staff for a program. Whether your interests are geared towards nature, history, crafts, or farming, we have something for you!

Check out our Featured Programs for more ideas.

* Picnic kits with blankets, old-fashioned games, children’s books, and birding supplies are also available for checkout. Ask staff to borrow one during your next visit! 

Girl and Goat at Ardenwood