Supporting the California 30x30 Initiative

June 20, 2023

Updated December 7, 2023


The East Bay Regional Park District is participating in California’s 30x30 Initiative, a call to action to protect what remains of the state’s natural world, including its rich biodiversity, ecological systems, and iconic landscapes. The 30x30 Initiative aims to conserve 30 percent of the state’s lands and coastal waters by 2030. Currently, only an estimated 24 percent of California’s lands and 16 percent of its coastal waters are considered conserved, according to the state Initiative.

As the 12th largest conservation land management agency in California, the Park District is a model for land preservation in the state, acquiring land, protecting and restoring biodiversity, adapting to climate change, and providing balanced recreational access, including equitable access for underserved communities.

Our Most Recent Accomplishments and Projects include:

  • Finley Road Ranch Property – Preserving forever the 768-acre Finley Road Ranch property, one of the largest remaining pristine open spaces adjacent to Mount Diablo State Park in Contra Costa County.
  • McCosker Creek Restoration – Restoring habitat and daylighting approximately 3,000 feet of previously culverted creek in Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve, the largest creek restoration project in the Park District’s history (expected to open in late 2023).
  • Brickyard Cove – Opening the Brickyard Cove shoreline staging area in Berkeley with scenic views of the San Francisco Bay and new parking, picnic tables, restrooms, walking paths, and connection to the San Francisco Bay Trail.

Land preservation has been part of the Park District’s mission since its founding in 1934. More achievements that support our mission and the 30x30 Initiative are yet to come. I look forward to updating you as we make progress together towards a better future.

Please enjoy and help protect your Regional Parks!