Shoreline Parks Provide Protected Nesting Areas for Threatened Birds

July 31, 2023

Threatened and endangered shorebird species face challenges during nesting season due to habitat loss, pollution, and predation. Efforts to provide protected nesting areas in our shoreline parks are showing favorable results.

This year, Hayward Regional Shoreline's wildlife volunteer-built bird sanctuary known as "Tern Town" boasts the second largest endangered California least tern colony in the northern part of the species range, with 140 nesting pairs - the highest density anywhere.

Tern Town in the Hayward Regional Shoreline provides protected breeding areas for thousands of migratory and other shorebirds.

Learn more about becoming a Wildlife Volunteer and help protect threatened shorebirds.

Newly hatched CA least tern and snowy plover chicks
Left to right: Newly hatched CA least tern and snowy plover chicks