Bike Bell Kiosks Promote Safety on the Trails

Thursday, Jun 30, 2022

In a trial program to improve safety on the trails, the Park District recently installed Borrow A Bike Bell kiosks at Alhambra Creek Staging Area in Briones Regional Park and Crockett Ranch Staging Area in Crockett Hills Regional Park. The new kiosks encourage mountain bikers to use bike bells when passing other visitors – enhancing safety and enjoyment for all trail users. Bike bell usage is recommended and a great way to promote safety. Cyclists should also stay on designated trails to maintain safety and avoid impacting protected natural resources. Bikes are not permitted on narrow trails, except for designated sections at specific parks.

Crockett Hills Regional Park allows mountain bikes on 10 miles of narrow bike-optimized multi-use trails, including two designated bicycle loop trails, one short and one long, that traverse oak woodlands and hillsides. Briones also allows mountain biking on designated sections of the Lafayette Ridge Trail, Briones Crest Trail, and Blue Oak Shortcut Trail. 

Funding for the kiosks was provided by REI and the Regional Parks Foundation. The East Bay Bicycle Trails Council is providing volunteer assistance to maintain the bike bells kiosks.

For more information about mountain biking in Regional Parks, visit our Mountain Bike Trails web page.

Bike Bell Kiosks Promote Safety on the Trails