Three-Stream Sorting Station

3-Stream Sorting Stations Reduce Landfill Waste

The East Bay Regional Park District strives to make every day Earth Day. One of the Earth-friendly efforts we have employed is the introduction of 3-stream sorting stations throughout the parks. These new stations are being installed so that park visitors can compost food scraps and recycle paper, bottles and cans on-site in popular picnic sites and park areas to reduce our overall solid-waste impact. Visitors can now actively protect nature by diverting food scraps and recyclables from the landfill while enjoying our parks!

Why does it matter where we toss our trash? Separating food scraps for composting helps improve air quality, improves soil and helps slow climate change. Recycling paper, bottles and cans also reduces the need for raw materials used in our consumption of natural resources. Removing those materials from the waste stream reduces the amount of solid waste going into the landfill.

Pictured in this photo is a station located in Tilden Regional Park.

Three-Stream Sorting Station