Pride and Parks - All Are Welcome Here

Our Regional Parks protect many diverse ecosystems where plants and animals thrive. They are also places that welcome and celebrate diversity. Join us as we celebrate Pride Month and explore the meaning behind the colors in the pride flag.

Bird chirping

Red = Life

Red winged blackbirds are one of the many living things that call Del Valle home. The males have a showy red shoulder patch bordered in yellow. They live in marshy areas amongst cattails along the shores of the lake.


Orange = Healing

As the land heals after a fire, wind poppies will add pops of orange color in the spring as they are “fire-followers.” The seeds wait in the soil for heat, smoke, or charred wood before sprouting. They are less common than the well loved California poppy but no less beautiful.

lone tree

Yellow = Sunlight

What would life be like without the sun? Not only does it allow plants to grow but it also keeps us warm. In the heat of the summer, remember to drink plenty of water, find shade, and wear sunscreen.


Green = Nature

Nature is all around and we are thankful to have these open spaces in the East Bay. No matter the season, it’s always a great time outside.

Del Valle

Blue = Serenity

There’s no doubt that humans are drawn to water. Looking out at the blue water glistening while feeling the breeze on your face leaves you with a sense of calm to tackle the stresses of your day or appreciate the joys in your life.

purple flower

Purple = Spirit

Like ecosystems that recover after a fire or flooding, the human spirit is resilient in the face of adversities through connection to nature, to family and community, to the power of love, to inner strengths, and to a vision of life bigger than the present circumstances.

Thank you for joining us in the spirit of Pride Month. Like the shooting star wildflower, each one of us is put here to shine. Our task, working together, is to create galaxies of bright stars.

Photo Credits

Red: Courtesy of Jerry Ting on Flickr
Orange: Courtesy of Jerry Ting on Flickr
Yellow: Courtesy of Steven Christenson on Flickr
Green: Courtesy of Jerry Ting on Flickr
Blue: Courtesy of Janet Norris on Flickr
Purple: Courtesy of Bill Clark on Flickr