Black Employee Collective: Quotes on Birds and Conservation

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Park District Black Employee Collective members on birds, nature, conservation, stewardship, and history.

Marcus Aurelius at Golden Gate Bridge

Marcus Aurelius, Park Supervisor III

“Do less better.”

Tony Clark holding a bird

Tony Clark, Sanitation Truck Driver

“When I see and watch birds, I see freedom. Their wings allow them to be free in the skies above. Birds make me realize that our wings allow us to be free on the ground. Free to roam the grounds of the earth.”

Khari Helae, Assistant Fire Chief with 1 of his 3 sons

Khari Helae, Assistant Fire Chief

“As an Assistant Fire Chief, I have the privilege of protecting natural resources through fuels management and creating safer environments for our park users. Growing up in Oakland gave me an appreciation for open space that is now shared as my duty to preserve these places with all they entail. From the scenic hiking trails to wildlife inhabitants, nature can be seen in its most pristine state!”

Terisa Jackson

Terisa Jackson, Senior Administrative Specialist

“Birds are some of the most beautiful and inspiring animals that inhabit our planet. I love nature, every bird, every tree, every flower reminds me what a blessing and privilege it is to be alive.”

Robert Kennedy and son

Robert Kennedy, Chief of Maintenance and Skilled Trades

“I have always been inspired by birds in flight and the freedom they must feel… The feeling of weightlessness and the ability to travel great distances leaves me in awe. The freedom to roam gives great perspective.”

Yolande Barial Knight

Yolande Barial Knight, Clerk of the Board and BEC Co-Founder

“My two cents… I just found out that Harriet Tubman was a birder. She used the sound of the barred owl to alert freedom seekers that it was safe or not safe to travel. We are involved in all aspects of humanity, we are history.”

DiMitruis McFadden

DiMitruis McFadden, Copy Room Technician

“We always strive to support one another… Always represent.”

Yuluv Padmore, Proud Executive Assistant and BEC Co-Founder

Yulie Padmore, Proud Executive Assistant and BEC Co-Founder

“My name is Yuluv Padmore but you can call me Yulie. My connection to parks are deep-rooted, perhaps even tribal. We must protect, restore, and connect natural resources and habitats to ensure the survival of endangered birds such as the Snowy Plovers. The commonalities between this beautiful endangered species and the Black community are palpable and yet there are diverging efforts to preserve and protect them both. Some may not see value in saving an endangered species. I ask should we not protect the unprotected? Might we lose another valuable resource still unknown that holds yet some undiscovered societal advancement.”

Sabrina Pinell (Black Employee Collective Co-founder)

Sabrina Pinell (BEC Co-founder)

“My kids and I have always had a tremendous appreciation for nature and wildlife. We love to admire the winged creatures that call out and appear to be speaking to us – if only we knew what they were saying... I love that people come together to participate in 'birding' so that we can identify and know more about the beautiful creatures that we share this land with.”

Felicia Walk, Crab Cove Supervising Naturalist

Felicia Walker, Crab Cove Supervising Naturalist

“Mother Earth is not a resource she is an heirloom. I honor her by being a conservationist!”

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