Kayaks at Tidewater Boating Center

Tidewater Boating Center at MLK Jr. Regional Shoreline


Open Daily: 
Nov-Jan: 8am-5pm 
Feb: 8am-6pm 
Mar-Apr: 8am-8pm
May-Aug: 8am-9pm
Sep: 8am-8pm 
Oct 8am-7pm


4675-A Tidewater Ave
Oakland, CA 94601 


(510) 544-2553

Venue Activities

Boating / Kayaking / Sailing
Kid friendly

The Tidewater Boating Center, located off Tidewater Avenue in Oakland, sits on the shore of the Oakland Estuary in San Leandro Bay at Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline. This shoreline complex has an ADA accessible dock that is the first official San Francisco Bay Water Trail site in the Park District. Also available are turf sites for picnicking and shoreline access for fishing. The 12,300-square-foot complex consists of a boathouse, training area, boat storage facility, Recreation Department offices, and a security residence. The Oakland Strokes, a non-profit junior rowing organization for middle and high schools, operates the main boathouse and indoor training area and provides outreach to neighborhood youths in the sport of competitive rowing. Other organizations will be leased space to provide on-the-water experiences with boating and water safety, sea kayaking, canoeing, and other water-related recreational programs. Park District recreation programs will take advantage of the estuary access and the Bay Trail connection at the park, and include biking, nature study, kayaking, and canoeing programs.